Things I've noticed with Vega

First, you can get a somewhat useful mixup after landing from hitting a Hk ST by immediately do a Lp roll. Depending on how deep you hit, this will put you either behind or in front of your opponent. (Obviously the deeper, the more likely you’ll be on the other side).
It’s not as useful as a dash under or anything but if you time it right it can’t be punished and you have plenty of time to meaty a which is always good. If you want the gimicks, you can go for a cross-up wall dive after.
It may not seem too useful but it’ll keep them on their toes.

Another weird thing is noticed is that you can cancel a roll into super. I can’t really find a good reason to use this honestly. I’ve only landed it once via my opponent mashing an ultra during the roll.
I was trying to figure if you you could cancel claw toss into super, but I haven’t managed to pull it off.

Anyways that’s all I got. I’ve really just been working on the whole taunt cancel thing as of late. Neat stuff, if only for a little flash in a match.

yeah i cancel roll all the time into super. Tatsu (iirc) found that back in vanilla.
As for the crossunder, theonlyJ found that back in vanilla as well. I use it when i land CH to ST if i remember to do it. It’s really useful. Not only because of the mix up… but unlike sweep… it builds meter.

You can also use cMK to duck under jump ins

And unless it’s been removed, if you hit the last hit of LP roll on counterhit, you can do a focus crumple and land ultra (1 or 2)

You can also link a from counter hit as well, which is more consistent, because the focus crumple is super tight, especially in reaction to counter hit.

yeah but cMP doesnt link/cancel to ultra :stuck_out_tongue:

reacting to the counterhit is the hard part. landing the crumple isnt that hard once you do it a few times.

The super off a roll really isn’t that useful. You risk losing an entire 4 bars of EX meter when you’re practically unpunishable at the end of a roll anyway.
Not a good trade-off.

You can also cancel into claw throw off cl.HP. But eh.
I prefer my CvS2 A-groove nostalgia antics any day of the week.

it’s great for trolling :stuck_out_tongue:

cancelling roll into back wall FBA is sometimes useful… ie gief

Would making claw normals do chip damage make him op? I’ve always wondered this

personally i don’t think it would change anything. most of his good pokes are kicks, and claw strikes are unsafe if blocked to go for another attempt… so it might amount to an extra 50 damage per round if lucky. This assuming 10 damage on chip.

If he had a real blockstring it would definately help… but still wouldnt make him OP. It’s kinda like SHC knocking down on hit. it’s useful MAYBE once a match.


vega having chip damage on his claw attacks would seriously make the opponent freak out. the psychological advantage behind it would be op alone

right now im imagining an up close tick throw game mixed with chipping c.jabs, kara throws, cosmic heel, and counter pokes. that is fucking scary.

now imagine how mortified your opponent would be if they’re low on life and are trying to avoid any kind of chip

hell, you can create whole turtle games based off his claw chipping at the opponents health. get some easy chips for a life lead and force him to chase you around the stage and to run into the rest of your arsenal. doesn’t matter if avoids your zoning, because once he’s in front of your face you’re chipping him again, getting ready to run off the other direction

i underestimated the psychological impact it would have. However, I still don’t think it’d have much impact on matches against people that play like me and dont give a fuck about chip, or throws and still don’t press buttons. Against the average person though, I can imagine it being powerful

if any changes are made with the claw, its that with the claw your poke links are 2 frames, and without it they are one frames, or vice versa

CRF cancel Super is totally useless, and a waste of Super, IMO

IF you happen to have Super, which i never do in high level play, save it for when they throw a fireball or do something you can punish without much risk of whiff

he has alot of moves to get to the other side of the opponent, Lrcf is awesome for closing distance fast, and drawing out opponents from across screen or stuffing them outright… if im too far out for a CH to cross over or even get me close enough get a crLK, and a slide wont help, Lcrf is a solid option… lrcf is great when someone is crossing u up too, it will never go in the wrong direction and automatically reverses itself