Things that can save King from sucking


Play in a Groove with Roll. If you don’t, you’re stupid and/or do not want to win with King.

It seems that Roll Cancelling is the only thing that saves her, along with her either damaging Level 2 super cancel or her corner CC damage.

I will go ahead and say A Groove is her best option.

RC Mirage Kick:
I think it’s one of the best RCs there are. It moves her forward, sets up an activation, sets up a possible DP juggle, and it just about counter RCs everything - Blanka RC shock, Sakura RC spin kick, Yun’s RC lunge punch and palm strike.

RC Tornado Kick:
Another move that sets up activation. This beats out shit that Mirage Kick doesn’t, like Sakura’s RC fierce spark, Eagle’s RC stick move.

RC Trap Shot:
I think is one of her best anti-airs. Can’t be airblocked, can set up activation or a DP juggle, does decent damage, and it’s okay as far as speed coming out.

Basically, RCing is the only thing that makes her minutely competitive. Her Groove strength would have to be A, C, N, then everything else is tied for shitty.

Anyone got anything else?

I just started playing King for a reason even I dont understand and there is something I noticed. Correct me if im wrong here but her surprise rose(i think thats the name of it) seems to act as an antiair. From what I can gather standing roundhouse would be her best ground based AA, then crouching fierce. Thats another thing ive seen many places that crouching fierce is comboable but yet ive never been able to do it. Im usually stuck doing a standing jab into a ducking short into a super or trap shot.

I do disagree alittle that she has to have a roll groove though, from what I can tell she can be as equally effective in P Groove. While she doesnt have a roll, Parry adds a very dangerous part to her aresenal. Personally I wouldnt want to see a parry into a trap shot. She seems to be able to build meter fairly quickly for P Groove, which is one thing that can be very hard to do in that groove.

Well her major problem is, in a Groove like P, she is basically just a battery character. She doesn’t have any good Level 3’s in terms of damage for the amount of time it takes to build up that slow ass meter. Additionally, many of her normals lack priority - the BEST poke I use is probably standing lk and even that is fairly crappy.

On her own, she doesn’t doesn’t do enough damage without getting in “cheap shots.” She doesn’t have a cross up so she really can’t pressure very well outside of keeping you in blockstun with fireballs and following behind it and shit.

For damage, she works out best getting an RC off into a corner CC. It just works out that way. Try it out for a while, and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll find that, for meter and normal play compared, her best damage comes from “cheap shots” that can lead to some more good damage. You find that primarily in A Groove and with her C Groove super cancel. Even N Groove doesn’t have anything special about it, except for her ability to RC, so that’s basically as crappy as all the other Grooves.

True her supers dont do alot of damage, and I do use her as a battery character. The thing ive noticed though is that her specials actually do a good amount of damage. Especially the trap shot, and with P- Groove it gives you more of an oppurtunity to do things like a parry into a trap shot, or parry into qcb+fierce, roundhouse surprise rose. etc etc etc. Especially with the amount of hits each move connects with helps build up the meter much faster. Ive had matches where ive built up the meter used it and then built it up again with King. Thats almost impossible to alot of times in that groove. While I wont disagree she is incredibly weak character overall, I just feel she can be effective as a good battery for P - Groove, and can actually serve as a purposefull character. Or maybe its just my boredom talking :confused:

Wow, Ken did a hadoken at close-up range and I immediately reacted the level 3 jump-back-and counter super only to hop backwards into the fireball. What a waste of meter:( If the hadoken didn’t hit, then I would have had him:(

Oh well, at least the sweep is a decent poke. Short Tornado Kicks works wonders too. People like to get hit by the second hit:)

Oh yeah, don’t ever use that combo super for anything except ending a CC at any level. Ever.

king, hmmm, one of my FAV A GROOVE characters of cours ei play her combo friendly like, poke like crazy and be extra scrubish, in a way shes like cammy, in a groove, she fucking owns, but i found an annoying move with her other than the 50 hitter, its a 20 hitter, that u do double strike, come in wit the qcb+fp then lp x10
and it = to about 20 hehe, opponent never touches ground ither.
Heres my A groove team, i play ODDD TEAMs, but they flow so well,
Haohmaru -this REALLLY gives ppl a scare, and throws them off there game (level 1)
Ken - a god in a groove (level 2)
King - need i say more, (level 1)

My N Groove team (also my best team)
Sagat (my 2nd best character, i play him in a odd way to, rolls and roll cancels to supers and using n groove well) (level 1)
Benimaru - hehehe, not many ppl know how to use him, but hes one of my best characters, GREAT pressure character. (level 1)
Yamazaki - My BEST/FAV character (level 2) hes just a god

I think that this IS King.

She can poke crappily. You can’t really follow up FBs much (not like a boom anyways), but I think I know what he means. Use them to zone, and to keep pressure. If she didn’t have decent anti-air she’d be meat.

If you can’t get them cornered try to RC thru FBs with dashing kicks, RC reverse dp+k through moves upclose, and zone with FBs and anti-airs. Tornado kick gives good recovery, and if anyone can give some nice follow-ups it would be great. But that thing is DAMN easy to hit if you’re looking for it. I like jump straight up after, but it’s easy to get play against if you know it’ll happen.

If they come on strong midscreen you bust out midscreen CC. I like the sliding sweep from max range, but damn if they jump it or something.

meaty d.MP, then d.MK into special is nice. Sets up CC near corner.

If she could link after d.jabs or something it’d be nice, or if her s.MK was like Guile’s sobat or something, or if she didn’t have mega-lag after double FB, she’d be reallly cool. and… link?

d.MP has HUGE hit duration. It’s easy to use as a meaty attack. Best one she has AFAIK.

d.MK with only link if you do meaty d.MP though. Go into special… dashing kicks, or tornado kicks if they’re standing/big/whatever. I’m sure you know the drill.

I crossed up with j.short once, I swear! :slight_smile:

Actually you can cross up with Not really great though.

Really? cool. I’m assuming it’s one of those really hard to get ones tho. :frowning:

Maybe i’ll be able to do it against fatty blanka. thx.

king is a hard player to use all in all


Yeah, I can undeerstand A goove being her better groove, but dammit, P groove is a mighty nice groove as well…Byt the way, anyone know of a good mid screen custom? I only kno0w the corner ones…

But yeah, even if you short short short with her into her vertical super, it leaves wide open since not all the hits combo! If this didn’t happen, she’d be alot better…

And yeah, that surpirse rose is an anti air, I’ve used it a couple of times…anyone know if it like a dragon punch?
Ok, that is all…
-The Geese

King doesn’t suck. You don’t even need time to realize this. She has dominant moves, safe moves, dominant jumpins, and good safe supers.

-j. jab/short…think Nak vs. Vega. They’re almost as good.

-c. strong/c. forward…netime u make em block a c. strong, u can do c. forward after, cancel into fireball or Tornado Kick.

-short Tornado Kick…RC it, and it becomes even better. Good safe move to get u inside.

-roll…HUGE HUGE HUUUUUUUUGE move. Probably top3 rolls in the game. Just fucking HUUUUUUGE. Don’t have footsie skills? Just roll inside.

-LVL2 QCBx2+K super. Safe, can be used as wakeup. LVL1 is good too. Think CVS1. Not as good, still good tho.

-c. rh. Her trip still owns.

anyone can roll past the c.forward into fireball or tornado kick and punish her, unless u r pretty close, but if u r and the block it then u r in an even worse position

Yeah, I’m aware of this. Too bad there is a thing called intuition. If everyone played by the theory book, most people would suck.

Safe Supers?

Dude… you can’t tell me that King is GOOD.

-j. jab/short…think Nak vs. Vega. They’re almost as good.

yes, I like her j.jab too. Big whoop. Lot of characters have nice jump attacks. Yuri for example.

**-c. strong/c. forward…netime u make em block a c. strong, u can do c. forward after, cancel into fireball or Tornado Kick. **

It’s not a combo unless meaty so it’s not safe. And if your FB doesn’t combo off the low MK, it’s not safe. Tornado kick off a blocked normal is almost never safe. It might be alright for a poke string, but it doesn’t make her good.

-short Tornado Kick…RC it, and it becomes even better. Good safe move to get u inside.

Comes out quick, and is safe if blocked. However they have to block the last hit. This is cool if they’re hesitant/confused, or you do it while they’re down/landing or something, but it’s not a totally safe move.

Tornado kick has two hits. First she jump kicks, then turns her back to the opponent, then comes down with the last kick. When her back is turned she’s totally vulnerable. So if you’re cancelling low MKs into tornado kicks or they’re just ducking and you throw out a tornado kick, all they have to do is wait for the first kick and then hit a button. If you’re on the ball, it’s not hard. CCing it is even easier.

Besides Kyosuke and Dan, who is shitty? Whoever they are, I think King is down there somewhere. She’s got couple half-decent moves, a couple good normals, and a so-so CC. So does everyone else! If not better! Isn’t she the only character in the game that can’t combo or link something of her jabs? :slight_smile: She’s not too bad, and yeah, anyone can win. But King is not Good IMO. Eagle is Good. Yama is Good. King is not.

sorry if i burst your bubble but i just had to state the truth. King is hardly safe after any of her specials. It’s not to hard to react to kind doing c.mkxxfireball. and I don’t see anyone playing theory fighter here.

Well, can I tell you? I’ve played CvS2 in both the US and Japan. During EVO casual, I was killing many ppl with King. In Japan, King is probably my most reliable character after Bison. And it’s not that they haven’t seen King before… I’ve seen at least 3 other King players here (none in A-Groove though). Against the top players she doesn’t do much but build meter, but that’s all you can expect from a character that is only GOOD and not GREAT.


J.Jab isn’t so hot. If you’re going to use that, you might as well use j.strong. J.FIERCE is a great air to air move (almost exactly like Yamazaki’s). If you expect them to jump, use this. It’s one of the best air to air moves in the game. Great against P and K players that are expecting to parry her s.roundhouse anti-air.


That’s the same for any move in the game. You have to know when to do it. If you space it correctly and do it at the right time, there is absolutely no reason NOT to RC this move.

The point to RCing it is to go through their attack. If you’re just doing it to do it, there’s no reason to RC it because the invulnerability will wear off by the time you reach them. The MAIN use for it is a far anti-air. The RC invulnerability lets you go through the jump attack, and you get the hit for free.


ONLY Kyosuke is shitty. EVERYONE else is usable.


NOT everyone else has a so-so CC. NOT everyone else has the ability to combo into her CC especially in the corner.


She can link close s.forward. And the combo I use is c.short, s.short, Short Trap Shot. I only do it in the corner usually, but I think you can do it midscreen also.


Umm… Eagle and Yama only GOOD? You REALLY haven’t seen good CvS2 play yet. Eagle and Yama can easily be put on almost any team and at least be good batteries. They are capable in a number of grooves. They have long range pokes for good footsies, good RCs, and good combos (b&b and CC/super). They’re only “GOOD” if you only have two options - “GOOD” and “NOT good.” And there’s no way I’m going to put Eagle in the same grouping as A-Sak, and no way I’m going to put King in the same grouping as Kyosuke. King is lower tier, that’s for sure. But there are so many usable characters in that tier that it can’t NOT be “GOOD.”