Things to do in Vegas aside from nightlife?

Hey, I’m trying to plan out my trip and what kind of activities I’m going to do will be the deciding factor and where I book my room or if I get a rent a car. So, I’m wondering what are some interesting/cool things in Vegas that don’t involve the “Sin” side of Sin City? I’ve gone back through numerous threads and compiled a list of places to eat. I know about Game World and the arcades (assuming any still exist) but I’m curious about more things to do on and off the strip. Aside from visiting Chinatown and catching Evil Dead the musical my list is kinda empty. I’m going by myself and am 31.

Hoover dam and Grand Canyon are things to see. Other than that I’m also open to suggestions. :slight_smile:

Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame.

If we’re talking about anything outside gambling, bars, and clubs, there’s still lots to see and do, like the shows at the major hotels. There’s Penn and Teller at the Rio, Jubilee at Bally’s, or any of the Cirque du Soleil just to name a few. My friends and I are already making a point of seeing Criss Angel at the Luxor this year.

As far as the cheaper stuff goes, the fountains in front of the Bellagio are pretty cool, and I know there’s an anamatronic show somewhere in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s that runs about once an hour. And I’m sure that’s not all, either. Bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, explore the strip, and see what you find!

If you’re there earlier or a local then you can enter the WSOP at Rio

Circus Circus Adventuredome. Is that laser tag place still there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Absinthe at Caesars Palace is one of the most awesome shows I’ve seen.

Vegas is also a great place to shop. Forum shops, Crystals, blah blah.

If you want to do something a little more outdoors like, Lake Mead or Lake Las Vegas is pretty fun. Red Rock for hiking.

I heard Criss Angel is a bad show. The worst in Vegas. I highly recommend seeing KA.
Zarkana isn’t bad either.

A couple of things in Vegas that I can recommend, being that I lived here for almost 2 years.

If you want traditional Asian food, Spring Mountain Rd (also called Chinatown) has some good restaurants. I mostly go for Japanese food, so Monta Ramen and Sora Ramen are two good places to get some ramen. Anime Ramen is alright, just gimmicky.

Places to travel:

  • Insert Coins is at Freemont St, which is an arcade bar.
  • Mob Museum is a good place to learn the history of the mobs.
  • Valley of Fire is a neat place for outdoors activity.

Typed in Anime Ramen and it seems they’ve just now turned it into a maid cafe…no thanks, lol. I have question though. I’m wanting to catch Pacific Rim on opening day. Which theater would you suggest going to? Also, do you know if there are any dine-in movie theaters in Vegas? like the Alamo Drafthouse/AMC Fork and Screen style, that let’s you order restaurant-like food and eat at your seat?

Ugh. Yeeep, hence my comment on gimmicky. You’re better off with Sora Ramen or Monta Ramen, they serve very traditional food. Bleh. Hrm, there are a couple of theaters that are ~3 miles out, if I recall. I can’t remember them off-hand. It’s within the casinos, but honestly, all of them are good for trying to catch a movie. And admittedly, I have NOT ran into a dine-in movie theater. The concept itself is new to me.

Well I live here, oddly enough there’s a lot more to do on the west side. I learned that moving on this side of town, plenty of shops, restaurants, there’s also mount charleston and red rock if you’re looking for scenery. It’s hot as hell out here though lol.

Desperado rollercoaster (deemed 1 of the top 10 worldwide by some) if you’re willing to take the drive.

Eli Roth’s Goritorium - pricey and short though unique and memorable if you’re into cheesy, genuine horror stuff. More of a Nightlife thing I guess considering the lounge area upstairs.

Caesar’s Palace is the nicest looking casino to walk around imo. Can shop there too. A shame FAO Shwartz is gone.

Shopping Malls - Bell Outlet Mall, a little ways off the strip, has lots of variety, including an as-seen-on-TV store. Boulevard Mall is nice and easy access off the strip as well. Haven’t been to the Galleria Mall in ages but I remember it decent. Meadows Mall is good.

Never heard about dine-in theatres though regarding normal ones - I’d suggest Red Rock first, then Palms and The Orleans. Though The Orleans’ arcade is exponentially better than the Palms last I checked, the theatre itself is better looking+quality imo.

[]indoor go karting (pole position)
]Adventure dome (theme park at Circus circus)
[]tons of concerts
]Fremont Street, ‘Galaxy S’ theater in henderson (big leather recliners and serves wine)
[]Wet n Wild
]Town Square (near strip)
[]eating in China town (dear god find a Fuku Burger truck)
]indoor paintball
[]various pools for hotel guest members or event members (I go to concerts at the Cosmo to the pool on the roof)
]“The Fruit Loop” (basically a small district for LGBT, but also just awesome for a night of drinking and walking around)


Sushi in the desert here is amazing (I’m not kidding). If you’re looking for an all you can eat goyemon is great

I jsut googled that theatre. Far away, but holy shinolla. Didn’t know anything like that existed and I lived here for years (@_@)
I forgot about Wet n Wild’s return as well.

Stay the fuck inside. There’s a forest fire at Charleston and I can guarantee you that you’ll be choking within the first hour or so.

I’ve been unable to get out of the house that much because of that fucking fire.