Things to expect


Here’s a heads up on what’s on the staff’s collective mind for EVO2k3. These are our primary goals for improvement over last year. If you think something is missing, give a hollah.

Better time management:
In general we want to make better use of time. By putting players in pools, you will know roughly when you play, and will therefore not have to wait around the ballroom all day and look for your opponents.

Better coverage of prelims:
For the prelims, we want to have multiple matches projected onto screens, and let people know who’s playing on them. Ideally most of the high profile prelim matches will be shown this way. There are several technical issues that have to be resolved here, but we think we’ve got a handle on them.

Grander finals:
I think most people at EVO2k2 enjoyed the theater-style format of the finals. We want to turn this into more of a show, with player introductions, etc. We also want to provide expert analysis since many players won’t be familiar with all the different games this year.

More cool giveaways:
We want to do something even cooler than the cards last year. If you have any inexpensive ideas, fire away. We’d like to give everyone a car, but get real.


A keychain would be a good idea, or just a shirt.

shirts, games, video game accessories, relics, pens etc…

I liked the color coded bracket card idea from last year (even though I didn’t attend I thought that was pretty damn cool.).

I think a neat little addition to the Bracket cards would be if on the back you added a little "Victory List" where one can write in the names of the people they beat in the tournament.

Each card could have a max of around 10 slots on the back, that should cover a majority if not all the matches for some of the higher level players.

If this idea was used on the Bracket cards last year I apologize, like I mentioned earlier I wasn’t able to attend so I don’t know if it was used or not. :sweat:

Yes give away a bag full of stuff (after all we are paying a $20 fee + tourney entry fee).

SRK/EVO clothing would be sweet.

hey, that keychain idea aint that bad, have like chibi sf/gg keychains or something… or how about a poster or something

and for the grand finals, make the entrance wwe style with theme music or something

tell tragic to give away his ggxx plushies!

NO CARDS :mad: …or you could give me a Yamazaki key chain:)

honestly, I would love to see some evo2003 shirts. Or, some redesigned srk shirts. Cards and posters would be cool too.

but overall I want evo2003 posters, and evo2003 shirts.

what about like going witht the card idea but on one side take the persons picture and put it on ther:D Also what about some kind of stickers. I liked the t-shirt design from last year but maybe choose a better design this time. I dont know if u guys had this last year maybe like a rafle drawing u can win stuff like shirts, games, ext. In the rafles give out premium memberships. Old b5 or evo2k2 dvds.

free evo 2002 dvds please.

You could take participants pictures with a digital camera, and post everyone’s pics next to their name, and also their brackets in the games they played and who they played, etc… etc… etc…

Do any of you guys (who are running Evo of course) know if Evo 2003 will be covered on various gaming shows, like G4TV, or Extended Play? I know some of the shows on G4TV has covered some small tournaments, so this should be a lock…I hope.

Are you guys having that art contest thingy like last year for shirts or something? I kinda forgot since it was like a year ago. But have a art contest for the logo or something…dunno. Just a thought. Card idea and color brackets was nice last year…well i didn’t go cause i registered in july, but seemed like it.

What about stool n chair are there a limited amount? and play bang the machine for people who havent seen it :sweat: :slight_smile: :smiley: :cool: Evo is huge this year…

oh ya hand out old spice or something at the doors @___@

I want an autographed mvc2 shirt from justin wong and a jason cole rookie card.

How about interviewing some participants on the side? You can do this a number of ways:

–Some of the top players can be questioned on some general commentary about the event; who looks good to win, any predicted upsets, etc.

–Staff can be interviewed about the progress after Day 1, 2, etc.

–You can also get the feedback of any random player from their perspective. Maybe this is the first time they attended an Evolution, or they might be able to compare it to a previous year.

All of this can be done during the tournament, or in some cases before or after. That way, it won’t be as much on the staff during peak preparation unless the cast of the staff is huge. This would be good material for another DVD set should you choose to accept it.

Maybe it’d be cool to have a vendor sell some Evo merchandise on the side. That could possibly help some expenditures…

As far as any prizes, I would recommend giving out (raffling) prizes in a method where anyone can win. Not that you haven’t done it before…just reminding you. Someone mentioned a free DVD set; I’d throw one of those in.

And what will be known as my personal idea, is to have a raffle drawing (such as the Evo02 DVD set for example), select 2 players from that drawing and maybe settle the winner on a game of choice on the big screen. 1 match, winner takes prize. Maybe a CvS2 related item could have the raffle winners play a match in CvS2, 3S related merch = 1 3S match, etc. Or maybe even make the game of choice random. I think this would be cool, because it gives an added twist to the norm, and it can give any player a chance in the spotlight. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to do this with any/all of the misc prizes you give out and I’m just throwing out ideas that hopefully work out once they’re fine tuned. See ya.

What you could do is, get all of the cards from all of the brackets of every game, and use all 53 of them and make an actual deck of playing cards. That might be too expensive tho.

Or you could do what the CIA did, and instead of having playing cards with pictures of terrorists on them, you have a set with pictures of Ricky Ortiz, or Psi, etc…

…or not…

A “I hate Dr.B” T-Shirt…everyone wants one!!!

-B.:cool: :lol:

Condoms. The SRK brand. Can’t go without those. :lol:

j/k :smiley: