Things to know when creating a backup of your HDD

This might be helpful for anyone else who is planning on creating a HDD backup through the backup utility. This may/may not apply to those who are upgrading they’re hdd.

-Capcom games have a game save protection. So SFIV, RE5, etc, game saves will not transfer to a new system and possibly new hdd. So you will have to start all over.
-Go the game “information” by pressing triangle, and if it says “copy prohibited” that game save will be gone for good.
-Also ps1/ps2 virtual memory cards will not backup/transfer
-Obviously PSN games/dlc will not transfer, will have to be redownloaded.
-Log in info has to be reentered.
-Everything in the Game Data fold does not backup. So all the patches, updates, and dlc has to be re-downloaded.

Maybe we can get a list of games with confirmed game save protection. Ones I can confirm.
-Capcom games (SF4, Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet, etc)

I’m planning on buying a bigger HDD for my playstation soon. So I’ll have to unlock all the characters on sf4 again and unlock all the colours _

Will only take a few hours max but it’s not the point lol

I know you can’t share SF4 gamesaves, but I assumed if you used the backup utility it would copy over… dammit

thanks for this

Killzone 2, I made a new account and sucked that I couldn’t transfer saved files.

Add Demon’s Souls and BioShock to that list of copy protected save files. Ridiculous really.

Nice thanks mate :slight_smile:

thx for the 411.

I did a full back-up from a 60gig HDD (launch PS3) to a 500gig last year and didn’t have any issues with copyrighted save data or had to redownload anything.

If I tried backing up individual game saves via USB, SD, etc. then it denied me. To my understanding the game/save data is locked to your specific console, regardless of what HDD you used and swapped in.