Things to look out for with used sticks?

So I am going to be buying my first stick used. Since it is my first stick, I am not entirely sure on how to evaluate the condition of the stick once I get it. What is the general lifespan of buttons/joysticks before they need to be replaced? Any things I should look out for?

More important is the USB Cable itself.
If your Seller is one to always wrap the cable around the Case.
If is, expect the Arcade Stick to stop working in the future, then needing to fix.

USB Fix is easy for any Modder on SRK to do.
But it is better if the Fix is not needed.

if it is a brand that use the prefered arcade parts (sanwa or seimitsu) the life span isnt as drastic… most used sticks are good on that sense… but the cheaper models with clone parts are usually the problem… not that its always the case but more common for problems… used sticks… you get what you pay for is what I always say…

It’s a Qanba Q4, so, Sanwa parts.

I would honestly just make sure the body is in good shape, nearly everything else can be replaced/modded. Also if you’re going used, I would suggest an easily mod-able joystick as you will likely want to replace parts the better you get using the stick. Other than that, try this:

(this will sound weird but run with me for a sec) Rub a little bit of pencil lead on your right hand finger tips, then rest your right hand naturally (as in without thinking or moving your muscles) in front of you on a piece of paper. Press down with your finger tips so the lead transfers to the paper. Trace circles around the lead markings with the marks being the center point of the circles. Now you have your preferred button layout. Go find a stick with that layout.

For me it ended up being the Sega Player-2 Layout. Once I got a stick with that, I felt naturally quicker reaction times almost instantly.

Totally agree with the “don’t buy used sticks if the owner wraps the cable around the body” comment from JDM.

While buttons and sticks are pretty hearty and can take a lot of abuse, USB cables cannot. I see people doing this all the time at meetups, and tournaments, and it’s never a good idea.

Please, give examples of proper usb cable storage.

I desolder mine every time and loop it around my shoulder like Indiana Jones.

For the lazy, you can do this safe way.

Thumb-pinky wrap and thumb-elbow wrap are my favorite lazy cable wraps. You can twist thumb-elbow wrap into a figure 8 and fold it into itself to make a smaller coil.

I Figure 8 the Thumb-Elbow when I wrap extension cords.
But when I’m done, I can’t remove from elbow.

get a velcro tie-wrap and do the turn-un-turn wrapping method, then just velcro tie it when you’re done. Like shown here: [media=youtube]CZQZRfwXTy0[/media]

I’ve cringed so many times at this. I’ve even seen people wrap the usb cord around the body of the stick and then use it as a handle to carry it around the venue.