Things to master?

Relatively new magneto player.

what are some things to master?

  1. Tri-jump - yes
  2. lp, lk, lp, lk, ad, lp, lk, lp, lk hyper grav XX tempest - ok
  3. otg, lk, slide, hypergrav, launch - yes
  4. ROM / infinite - no
  5. I’ve seen people really with repeat slides - don’t know how to do this) - no ?

I typically play with magneto, cable, psylocke and magneto, cable sentinel.

What are other things to master? I typically just go to the arcade, but its either someway way better or people using low tier.

I hear getting a dream cast, arcade style controller as well as game is key ?

u can also practice turning hits into inf… like launch addf lk lk…
resetting corner inf into a grab… thats actually wat im workin on now

-Trijumps obviously
-ROM infinite (setups, basic variations)
-Snapback setups
-Throw resets
-Tick throwing
-Grav/Tempest combos (especially during ROM reps)
-Corner throw resets (just time your hits or airdash forward into a throw)
…there’s more stuff but practice/figure those out in training ‘when’ you get a DC and stick…

As far as the teams you listed stick with ROW (Mag/Cable/Sent) unless your Sent isn’t up to par…obviously the other effective Mag teams ov note are MSP, MSCyke, and MSS.

I hereby point you to this site:
Search for Magnetro’s Magneto tutorial vid (under the combos section) and that should cover what you need for now…

Its just a wavedash!
Basically wavedashing is just canceling your dash with a crouch
The motion for a wavedash is just 2P, d, 2P, d 2P…
The trick to it is to press 2P before your character is in a full crouch.