Things to research with each character at Evo

Combofiend already stated it guardbroke

As we get answers to this stuff ill put it in the first post. Will be there all weekend in a white suit.

Yo @“DevilJin 01” Id like if you could test that if Kens V-Trigger has Startup Invincibility frames ?

Also could you test if Ken is restricted to inputting normals only at the end of his Quck Step or he can do it at any frame ?

Like, for example, quick-steping and quickly cancelling it with step kick or backdash during mid run

Just letting you guys know im at the booth now. Just wearing regular clothes since my suit got messed up.

In any event, I messed with Chuns f+hk and it seems really slow start up. Like maybe twice the start up of 3rd Strike. Im assuming it hops over lows but hard to test.

Was using neutral jHK to anti air/air to air until I mess with the other normals. Works the same as 3S/SFIV

Her sMP I was getting comfortable with for poking. Seems it can’t be crouched but had trouble linking anything off of it. Gonna keep trying and see if I can link off it.

Landed the V Reversal though yeah, it did seem kinda slow.

Takes a long to to attack after using her V Skill jump. Definitely going to be rather set up heavy. Gonna test out tiger knee air legs next match

Played a match vs Poongko’s Ryu. He used to use him in IV so seemed comfortable with him. Was using good frame traps with and had a couple combos he was regularly using., c.LPx3 tatsu and s.MPx2, s.HP, s.HK which I believe knocked down.

Does that cr.LPx3 to tatsu work without the jump in HK?

It might. I could test that later

Could you test whether normals cancel into specials on whiff? @Killey says it happens but when i tested it from full screen nothing happened. I felt like it happened a few times when up close though so test at different ranges from the opponent.

I believe that happens with the faster normals because of the new buffer window. On medium and heavy normals buffering works.

Yeah I noticed it happening when I was walking backward and poking with Chuns kinda weird but yeah

Does the buffer system work when punishing with normals after a block or is it for links only.

So it looks like after roll-recovery (not sure about resets), the player is still invincible for a few frames after they are visibly on their feet.

I don’t like this. I think the player should be vulnerable as soon as they are on their feet.