Things we can V-Skill

I wanted to start a quick-reference thread for all the random things you can v-skill. Some examples I’ve read are Charlie’s Jaguar Kick or Mika’s dropkick.

I heard about that too.

Isn’t our V-Skill supposed to counter projectiles only (such as fireballs) ?

Anything the game registers as a projectile.

Which seems to me to be a lot of things.

Just saw a desk video of him v-skilling tatsu

Good thread. Of course we know what is possible to v-skill, but we should make a database of all the moves that are realistically v-skillable. Stuff you can do on reaction.

-Cammy spin knuckle
-R.Mika RH
-Rashid running cancel eagle
-Birdie chains
-Dhalsim IAT shenanigans?

I wouldn’t recommend the R.Mika RH though. she can charge it and counter hit you for huge damage. It’s like trying to parry Bison’s st.rh or df.hp just doesn’t seem worth the risk. Neutral jump is a better option.

So really it should be things that you should consider snatching with VSkill as a best or at least valuable option. If it’s something where another easier counter will net you more damage (neutral jump dropkick, although you might get hit out of that too if you don’t jump soon enough, shrug) then it shouldn’t be at the top of your list.

Something like Birdie chains, can he punish on block with slide kick? If not, then Vskill is likely your best option if you know he’s doing chain, and don’t want to risk jumping into heavy chain. That’s a good example of something you can use to put some fear in Birdie’s mind.

Lots of Chun pokes…

AFAIK it can counter any hit in the game.

Some useful moves to parry:

Nash’s moonsault slash ( really important to parry on reaction to prevent free get in)
Sim’s limbs

I think the V-skill only works on moves that count as mid or overheads. I’ve been trying to parry Ryu’s sweep and cr. mk and I’ve been hit out of it.

Just saw this youtube link on /r/streetfighter. Good V-Skill usages.

I think the good uses of v.skill is against frame plus moves (nash jaguar kick) because of shooting the fireball leave you on great positive frame and you can end their offense