Things we Want Addressed as a Community (Glitches, Bugs, Etc.)

This thread is dedicated to all of the current problems we all see within SF x T’s gameplay, netcode, so on, so forth. This thread is NOT meant for people to complain about On-Disc DLC. Essentially, a compiling of problems that can be addressed as soon as possible. When Patches come out to fix them, the thread will be updated to reflect what was changed.

Current Bugs

  • 100 Hit Restand Combos - A glitch in which certain combos will pick up downed characters and reset combos. Though the game forces you out of these after 100 Hits, they can still be used to cause copious amounts of damage, and unfairly give an opponent an easy lead.
  • Audio Drops/Teleporting Characters during Online Play - Though this can be attributed to the roll back function within the Online capability, Audio Drops sometimes ruin the gameplay experience for players. Another problem easily seen if how sometimes a character will teleport to a new position; or, in cases of extreme stress, look like they were hit, when they weren’t.
  • Megaman’s Going To The Moon (Megaman Float Glitch) - By using a Quick Combo in the air, Megaman can effectively float away, and ruin the game for someone who got hit once, and then had to contest with a character who was no longer on screen. Though it gave us a nice glimpse at the stage, we’re here to fight, not go scenery watching.
  • Frozen Character Positions/Floating around in the air - This one is self explanatory. Characters will either flat out lock up, or, in some cases, float forward, backward, or in Megaman’s Case, go Straight Up.
    *Jin’s Spinning Air Show (Jin Air Juggle Glitch) - Using one of Jin’s moves on an airborne opponent will send them into a very strange Juggle State, in which Jin can immediately charge up a full super for easy damage. The move is not hard to do, and if done correctly, can effectively break the game for some.
    *Locking Characters on Screen when they tag out - If someone manages to throw a character just as another character is coming on screen, the thrown character will sometimes be locked on screen, and completely attackable. This also causes a long pause at the end of the match, which can be annoying for players who are under a time limit.

If there are other bugs or glitches I didn’t make mention of, feel free to submit them too, and I’ll update the main page.

Capcom has also said they’re already working on most of these issues.

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