Things you ate as a child(that you probably shouldn't have)

It’s a nice summer evening and I have decided once again to make another asinine poll if for no other reason than to give Orochizoolander a migraine and everyone else a flashbacks and/or a indigestion, runon sentences are fun…

I am pretty sure the only thing that I might have eating as a child that I shouldn’t have were my own blood and whatever was underneath nail on my thumb as I sucked it to the good old age of 6. Of course my family put a stop to that by putting jalepeno juice on my thumb.

Needless to say I now have a high tolerence for all things hot, require corrective lenses, and eat Tums for my ulcer. Parenting at its finest I tell you.

I ate an entire berry scented candle (over the course of a week or so) because it actually tasted the way it smelled.

…I’d do it again.

They be putting sugar in candles back then?


Well it was weird. I’d scrape off some of the wax, and the wax beneath would sort of crystalize after a while. Waiting for the crystalization to occur was the only reason it took me a week to eat the whole thing. I’d have gladly devoured it all at once, otherwise.

Scabs, for sure. it’s not as disgusting if you think of it as just being coagulated blood.
Also, I still eat the skin from the sides of my nails (kind of like nail-biting, but worse).

If anyone on this thread says earwax, you’re a hero. If you ever got that shit in your mouth by accident, you know it’s icky as fuck. (ear scratch xx fadc > finger-biting, don’t try it)

everything that I’m still eating today.

I seem to remember eating blanket lint.


worst first day of 7th grade ever.

lol this thread is gonna come back and haunt you all. some things are like fb statuses…you just dont tell the people everything.

never ate anything i wasnt supposed to,but i did stick cheese up my nose when i was a kid.And I still cant stand the smell of cheese since then.Straight ass

So you don’t want me to tell people about how you and I did lsd in the back of your mom’s mini van before summer camp?

weak ass burn. try again

I ate a bowl of sugar, and like a pound of candy and chocolate as a young kid, and threw up for about an hour straight that night. I rarely have anything sugary these days.

I don’t recall eating anything, but we used to lick the metal poles on the jungle gyms and swingsets in kindergarten.

when i was 7, i accidently swallowed a plum seed and thought a tree was gonna grow outta my stomach. my siblings played along and teased me after i started crying, while my mother stood by and laughed at the whole thing. after i shed enough tears, they let me know nothing was gonna happen to me, and i felt retarded, but relieved. :eek:

So you don’t care?

You really think I did shrooms in the 7th grade? As far as this thread goes I’m the only one that has said anything that could be hurtful to me in the long run but even what I said wasn’t even that bad because it was a lie.

I wasn’t even trying to burn you. I was just trying to remind you of how close you and I used to be. You’ve changed man…

trolls be trollin.

Whatever, man. We’ll see who’s trolling when your mom throws you out and you come running to my house asking to sleep on my couch. I supposed it’s okay for me to tell everyone about your bitch ass crying after your girl left you for that sorry ass tekken player and you didn’t want to go home because your dad would laugh at you.

I thought we were pals, but at least now I know better.

feels bad, man…

Lol I got a cap to a tube of toothpaste stuck up my nose. My older cousins still mess with me about that one.

Entire bags of Chipits.