Things you ate as a child(that you probably shouldn't have)

I once ate dirt because some kids said I couldn’t.
And, for some weird reason that I can’t remember, used to eat the neck of my shirts haha

I did this too. I kind of want to do it again now that you reminded me. Something about saliva+linen just tastes so good

Chuck E Cheeze Pizza. Used to eat tons of this shit as a kid but couple years ago went to my little cuz’s birthday party there and had a slice and i swear i think it took 5 years off my life.

Not ate, but I drank almost a whole bottle of Percocet when I was 2 or 3. You could probably imagine how well that went.


It involves a trip to the ER.

2 LEGOs and a penny

Weird, I’d chew on the necks of my t-shirts as well. I didn’t eat them though.

Skin around my nails. Still do it :[ horrible habit that I can’t seem to break.

raw batter or raw cookie dough

shoryuken is not facebook. not even close.

“hmm, let’s see… this fellow John Smith is clearly qualified for the job and shows promise, let us do some leg work on the internet to find out his srk screen name. oh what’s this? Mr Smith posting as superduperakumahater9 ate some glue as a child? SCRATCH HIM OFF THE LIST, NOW! he hates akuma? pfft, akuma is the best.”

I used to lick batteries. D:


I picked up a soda can and drank from it only to find out it was full of ants.

Also sand, crayons, and play-dough.

I actually screamed out loud when I read that

i said “ohh god!” in disgust

I used to chew off my t-shirt necks too. What the fuck?

A bar of soap.

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I made that same mistake once, but it was Grape Crush so I said “Nigga its hot, fuck it!”


Not even one of those Play-doh play sets where you could make your own fake burgers or something, just a wad of it. Tasted weird so I only took one bite, but I’m sure at least a small portion still resides in my colon.

I’ve done glue and paper in kindergarten. I vaguely remember doing the collars of shirts thing. oh yeah, and playdoh. sure there’s a few other things that I can’t quite remember.

And by can’t remember you mean repressed.

I still don’t understand how anyone can eat their snot. Just seeing kids with it running down their noses right into their mouths makes me nauses. All other bodily fluids don’t even phase me but snot just freaks me out to the point of it not being rational.