Things you can demon easily

Like Dudleys sa1 or his EX upper (not sure about the other ones), Chuns sa2. On block everything ofcourse.

Dudley SA1 is punishable by demon? You’re not on block at the end of the SA so i thought Lp comes out and touch him?

Makoto SA2, is quite easy too…
A bit harder, Ken SA3, Q SA1, Elena SA2 (maybe SA1 too), Hugo SA3…

I’m thinking getting demons setups, after my opponent does a throw setup, for example after necro’s lp or mp qcf thing

ESN: you can punish dudleys sa1 while standing (the lp will not hit him if you time it right) even if you’re not in blockstun. but you can input the lp, lp while crouching so there’s no chance it will hit him:)

down, lp, lp, forw, lk, hp FTW:tup:

Nice, never thought about it, i’m gonna steal this one :lovin:

Drobizh >> oh yes, the crouching demon!