Things you can do with canceled Hayate

post your mix ups and tricks you found with this

on s.HP block, rather than go through its recovery, press QFC P~K to get out the move faster, or delay the K for a mindgame, you might even get a random Hayate game

everyone knows that against Makoto, c.LK is difficult to hitconfirm but is her only move that can hit low and cancel, and if she c.LK xx LP Hayate and you block it, her ass is yours, I like to go for the blocked c.LK on purpose, QCF LP~K and Karakusa immediately, I often get a free wakeup Karakusa using this

If you’re trying to go for a hayate, doing a cancel after any blocked normal is usually a good idea, or else you’re going to be recovering from a blocked hayate and you’ll be screwed. I do this often with c.MP, looking to see if it’s blocked, canceling if it is. Rush in for throws or a karakusa after.

A nice trick in the corner. Do s.lp>>hayate cancel>EX oroshi.

ahaha, I need to try that shit, that sounds funny as hell to use on somebody

watch ino play makoto he uses hayate cancels really well

Watch the second match in this video against Yun to see what I’m talking about.


Chemuru is my favorite Makoto player.

Wow, that’s a quick mix up. I need to incorporate stuff like that into my game, but it’ll take some time because I have slow fingers.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the link. Chemuru is very entertaining to watch.