Things you can't fathom

We’re not talking subjects that just fly over your head in terms of knowledge. We’re talking things you still can’t “get” the reasoning behind after straining them through every bit of logic you have.

Right now, I can’t think of one. I’ll come back later.

How women can put so much value into how much their engagement ring is worth.

How any member of the tea party movement can look anyone else in the eye after voting for Bush twice.

How anyone can look at/listen to Sarah Palin for more than two minutes and think she should be elected to anything higher than dog catcher

How any republican can say anything about deficits or wars in public without being tarred and feathered on the spot

How anyone in a first world country could believe in an invisible sky daddy in the year 2010

How anyone can stomach a game made by a producer named Ono and features the Street Fighter name.

Oh my god you just owned the whole thread before it even started! I HATE that shit so much. Who cares how much a fucking ring is worth? Are we really going to try to seriously tie a dollar amount to the supposed infinite love two people feel for one another? Especially wtih young couples just getting a foundation established when every dollar counts. I can’t stand women who get all bitchy about their engagement rings not costing thousands and thousands.

The only other thing I can’t fathom that doesn’t even come close to what you posted are idiots who run red lights just to get to another fucking red light.

why i’ve been posting on this stupid message board for 10 years now even though i quit playing street fighter in like 04

I don’t understand the appeal of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time no matter how hard I try. I don’t talk about this much because it comes off as trolling(and originally, it was), but I seriously do not get what makes that game special in any way.

Video games. That reminded me of one…

Friendly fire. In shooters at least. That shit sucks and should not exist. I never stop being baffled by developers who include it.

Seriously, chicks should just be happy that they got a ring. I mean, what do guys get out of engagement? Commitment? Sex? Nope, we already had those. For some reason, they feel that the size of the rock on their hand equates to the amount of love that their spouse has for them. I don’t understand it, man.

I’m with Gorath (and Nietzsche) on the invisible sky daddy.


i dont get space on computers and internet…like it’s not physical so why is there limitations?

I generally have a lot of trouble with scale (like all of humanity I guess). I can’t even begin to imagine the size of our sun, much less a gas giant.

Or a nebula.

Mind blown…

as for things I can’t fathom I’ll say long distances, the distance from the planet Earth to Pluto you say?

Dude are you serious. That game is the tits. WHats wrong with u?

i’ve never actually thought of this, despite seeing many times the classic “CHECK OUT MY ROCK” thing they do. i don’t get it either. luckily, my wife was more interested in getting a quality diamond that wouldn’t make her finger look like a lollipop, than most woman are interested in just flaunting their status symbol. the first diamond i bought for her ring was more than 6x bigger than what she actually wanted. she made me so proud that day. she even said “don’t get a tiffany ring, their shits overpriced”. her friends said she was crazy but she held her ground and at that moment i realized i was totally making the right decision with her.

That ring shit is because we live in America. I need a real bitch who realizes that shit is all fake and a scam.

Blazar Jets. Highly concentrated galactic objects that shoot a beam of concentrated plasma the equivalent of mass of Jupiter at such velocity it can achieve 99.999% the speed of light. The energy required to propel such huge amounts of matter to such speed is unfathomable to me.

Oh and how moronic pedophiles are still being caught on “To Catch A Predator”

When I’m stuck in traffic and I look around at all the people around me and I think about how each one of them has life as complicated as my own… and how that’s just a very small sliver of all 6.8 billion people, each of whom is as much of a person as I am.

It’s overwhelming to try and think about that many instances of consciousness.

That’s just because most people have the “It won’t happen to me” mindset. Word to people who smoke cigarettes even though they have friends/relatives who’ve gotten cancer from it.

I miss “to catch a predator” so much. Why did that guy have to blow his head off? He robbed us of some good TV.

Here’s the first honest pedo: