Things you can't fathom

-the recent situation with my friend leaving his new system (a 360 of all things!) on for several days to “burn it in”, like “breaking in some new shoes”, apparently. Oh yeah, it’s still posted up as one of my blogs here.

-my fellow “peoples” that that think Affirmative Action is anything other than a goddamn insult. I see it as a roundabout way of saying “you people need SPECIAL help…y’know, because you’re not anywhere near as intelligent as the rest of the human species…you’re also not as resourceful or talented. Your great great great grandfather was a slave so you need SPECIAL assistance.” Yeah, despite the fact that I have absolutely nothing to do with the plight of my ancestors? People are somehow OK with this? Get the fuck outta here. At least it’s not as ridiculous as the notion of “reparations”. People would really just be cool with that since it means yet another handout from Uncle Sam. “Oh I get PAID just for being black?..simply because my ancestors were slaves…I get a check?!..well alright! Sign me up for that!” It’s the 21st goddamn century. What happened to self reliance and hard work, personal accountability and all that jazz?

-Pet rocks. --this fad happened a long ass time ago, and it still boggles the mind. There was actually a period in this country where people were wild about having a rock…as a “pet”. It’s not even a crack-rock we’re talking about, folks…a rock you might see on the ground, at a construction site, by a lake, etc…a damn rock…as a pet. Try not to think about this too long or your head might explode while trying to process the situation.

-Turn-based style combat in a video game— I just can’t see why people are entertained by this. I don’t get the appeal of it at all. Just like…

-Baseball – I see nothing exciting going on in this sport except the steroid controversies. Several guys stand around on a field. One throws a ball, another guy tries to hit…occasionally a few people have to run. I was taken to a game once…I fell asleep.

-Soccer – this is much, much worse. The field is way too big, it’s a low-scoring game, and apparently it can still end in a tie (*which goes against everything competition means, imo. There should ALWAYS be a winner and a loser! If nobody won…what the hell was the point?). At least you probably wouldn’t fall asleep at a game…because soccer fans are CRAZY AS ALL HELL. Go to sleep at a soccer game, and you may not wake up because you’ll be dead as a result of the chaos that happened when the crowd got pissed off about something again.

-vending machines not taking pennies. Come the fuck ON. I’d actually hit up the snack/drink machines at work a lot more often if I could use pennies.

Drive thru ATMs.

They aren’t convenient. Most of the time, the car isn’t adjacent (in height) to the machine. You’ll still end up leaning halfway out the window and if you don’t pull up to the machine at a half decent angle, it might even hurt your ribs/stomach.

True on the reachout front.

I always park the car a few feet behind the ATM, get out, and go to the machine.

Off that note, I can’t fathom upside down blowjobs in porno. I don’t understand how that shit is appealing AT ALL. I really wish porn directors would stop it. I can’t count how many potentially awesome BJ scenes (or scenes in general)I’ve seen get ruined by too much of that dumb shit.

That’s good tv right there, good as in really, really sad.

The fact that Chris Hansen can quote “My THANG In Your Mouth” with a straight face must make him some kind of anti-pedo Terminator sent from the future or something.:rofl:


Yeah. That always got to me too. You know these pedos were in heat when they said the shit in those logs. Hearing it read back so dryly was always so funny. Hansen’s the worst phone sex operator ever.


I’ve thought the same thing.

iffinidy {:-|


While agreeing with the giant-engagement-ring thing, I don’t get marriage on the whole. I don’t understand why people feel their relationship is invalid until they are married. I’m 21 and my I’d say 1/4th of the people I went to school with are either married or have kids. Most of them dated for about a year, maybe a little more. How can people really think they know someone that well after only so long? I mean no matter how well you think you know someone, you really only know what they want you to know. I’ve been dating someone for over 2 1/2 years, we’ve known each other for closer to 3 or 3 1/2 and I still don’t feel like I even know him that well. What the hell is wrong with people? Some girl I went to school with just added me on facebook and she’s getting divorced already. Surprise, surprise!

I guess I understand the marriage part but I just don’t understand the rush. Really, you’ve been out of high school for 4 years and you feel the need to settle down already just 'cause you found a decent boyfriend? For the ones who got knocked up already I don’t even know what to say to that. Why would you wanna throw your life away like that? I mean not like having children ruins your life but your life becomes their life, there is no time for your own life. I just… don’t understand. I’m glad gays can’t get each other pregnant or married.

What really blows my mind is this map of the known universe: [media=youtube]17jymDn0W6U&feature=player_embedded[/media]

Something that I can fathom is 20,000 leagues under the sea: it’s 60,761,154.9 fathoms, to be precise.

something i cant fathom: the DMT experience, and where the ideas on psychedelics come from.

The true ability of the human brain.

basketball - why must i dribble the ball? why can’t i shove or tackle another person down when hes in my way? why do some players do that stupid dribbling the ball underneath their legs shit?

Weeaboos, shit is absurd. How do they look in the mirror and not get disgusted with themselves? There’s one thing where someone says: “oh, this is clever, I like this for X reasons” but then you have these people where that entire logical process is sidestepped, something is good simply because it’s Japanese, it’s bullshit. Keep them in America, they do nothing but shame us (as people) when they go overseas.

Especially how the diamond racket is a monopoly. Artificial scarcity or something like that, I don’t know I read it on the internets.

How someone could believe there’s a difference in republican and democrat leadership. I hear what you are saying, but Bush and Palin are retarded idiots/criminals who aren’t bad because they are republicans, they are bad because they are psychopaths. Much like Obama is bad because he too is a psychopath, not because he’s a democrat.

Never did any myself but read all about it, and it sounds insane. Apparently you start seeing aliens? WTF?

Non-alcoholic beer.

Space as in files and gigs of stuff? That is very much physical and is limited. What do you think your hard drive is for?

I’ll never understand how anyone can like reggaeton or Lil Jon.

I can’t understand why people want to stay in Michigan.


you’re smarter than the average bear.

DMT is as beyond words as consciousness is beyond a termite. no amount of reading can prepare you for it and good luck fitting what happens into any cultural framework. it can only be experienced.

in a word: yes. some people report meeting and interacting with what they describe as “extra dimensional entities”.
one thing you can bet on: having your consciousness catapulted out of your body and into hyperspace.

Not into the whole drug thing, but I’ve heard the same stuff as well. Joe Rogan’s explanation/experience is weird too.

Although I have read that for some reason the whole “being in another dimension/seeing other life forms” is related to the people who claim to have been abducted by aliens. I read somewhere that tests were done on some of these people and their brains did produce higher levels of DMT or whatever… could explain it maybe…

Again, Joe Rogan’s story about the Thai Buddha looking energy being telling him to not be afraid is trippy though.

Why anime is so popular. This is coming from a former huge anime fan. Sure, 2 out of every 100 anime series/movies/OVAs is solid gold (Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers, Mushi-shi, Steamboy), but the other 98 contain one or more of the following:
a) overly ambiguous storytelling trying really hard – and failing – to be meaningfully interpretive (Ergo Proxy, Akira)
b) horribly contrived settings and plot meant to push the story in a direction the author wants, regardless of the narrative validity of that direction (Bleach, Tsubasa)
c) related to b: an excuse for excessive fanservice and/or over-the-top violence with little to no artistic merit (Ninja Scroll, Elfen Lied)
d) all of the above (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

On that same topic, why are JRPGs and other Japanese game stories so beloved? All of the reasons above apply:
a) ambiguous bullshit (anything by overrated talentless hack Masato Kato like Chrono Cross and Xeno-anything, Kingdom Hearts)
b) contrived bullshit (Sands of Destruction, the entire Tales series)
c) fanservice bullshit (Super Robot Wars, Soul Calibur)
d) all kinds of bullshit (too many Final Fantasies, Sonic '06)

I can’t fathom why Sonic CD is so well-liked. Its level design is unintuitive garbage, it looks and sounds worse than Sonic 1 (JP and US soundtracks are both shitty), it plays like trash – this isn’t a good game.

I can’t fathom why so many people love Michael Bay movies. Watch Team America World Police: it’s trying to warn you about that shit.

I can’t fathom why people think it’s silly to believe in the tooth fairy but not silly to believe in certain things that would get this topic closed to mention.

Dr. B can’t fathom why humanity still hasn’t reached Mars.