Things you hate in the game?


What are some things you hate in SSF4 AE?
Mine are damn ultra counters, when one do an ultra and the other counters it with another ultra.
Example: (Although, this one looked very cool…)



Wow, you must have some fast hands to do the Ultra after a Super.
That looked awesome, poor Guile got his own theme used on him…


What have I done…


Lp srk online.


Fucking 3 frame reversals that can’t be safejumped.

It also pisses me the fuck off that some characters have dozens of piss easy ways to combo into ultra, while others have ways you actually have to practice doing, if it’s possible at all. (the exception is grab and counter ultras imo)


Ultras, lenient inputs, and nerfed keep-away.


that video was hilarious, but ultras doing more than half hp in damage is kinda silly :confused:


That you can’t simply ‘rematch’ online.

Back to the character select menu it is!




cant rematch online

reversal mashing


Focus Attacks & Ultras.


he is using the PC version. Easy to do on a keyboard


seth, ibuki, el fuerte, c. viper


the fact that the whole match basically focuses on the ultras, I think they should give the super meter a bit more highlight, like give us the ability to choose supers again, or hell, 3 supers at the same time like the alpha days




The points system. Lose one game = 5 wins just to catch back up.


The focus attack dash cancels…have no beef with the focus attacks…


whereas I thought that SFA3 R.Mika’s 360 +p having less priority than a dp was corrected…

apparantly Hakan’s 720 Ultra has less priority than Ryu’s dp…its so easy to do…


oh look another hate thread.


I think I made two posts in pretty much the very same thread about how this thread appears every two weeks in a new iteration and that the OP is a dumbfuck.

E: To quote from a thread called “Worst feature?”: