Things you have recently learn that really up'd your game

I’ve been playing Gen for a while now (3400PP, 8600 BP) and I’ve recently changed my gameplay for the better. Just wanted to share some of my tricks and then maybe others can post things that helped them out a bunch too.

  1. After Cr.LK launcher in crane into standing crane HK hits on most of the cast mid screen and everyone in the corner (both facing into and out of).

  2. Abuse standing MP in crane. Master the max range and use the shit out of it. After landing it, people normally aren’t ready for a throw. Works like 80% of the time. This mixed with standing HP in crane (fucking thing hits LOW first) can create nasty mind games. HP also does stupid high damage and stun.

  3. Crane Cr.HP after oga is actually very viable and the best non-meter way to end an oga. The trick is to hit them BELOW THE WAIST. Using LK and MK for oga is a good way to hit them in the right spot and also avoid getting punished by landing way too deep when blocked.

  4. When you have a stunned opponent, a very simple focus attack into standing crane HP is a great, simple meter-less combo. Following it up with a cr. mp into roll is something they often don’t see coming.

  5. Personally, I’m starting to like crane HK double kick after super rather then waterfall kick. It resets them and gives you good frame advantage. After double kick, standing mp overhead seems to work frequently.

  6. Always look for times to charge an oga, waterfall kick is great. Even if you don’t come in at them, it ads meter and fucks with their head a bit. Oga is dangerous and you should do fake ogas frequently so they don’t know when the real shit is coming. I come off the way maybe once for every four ogas.

  7. When knocked down, change to mantis. It has better wake ups and better normals to defend against block strings.

Thats all. Add your tricks.

play and lose alot

Here’s a tip to up your grammar game, put a space between “a” and “lot” because “alot” isn’t a word.

You do realize there is a shenanigans thread already right? That topic is created for the purpose of tricks and stuff.

The last thing I learned was the ‘forward throw-walk forward- cross-up Oga’ trick. It works great and gets you 600+ damage if you have super+ultra and can be done of a simple forward throw.

Good looking out thanks bro

Footsies and Roll attack pressure. Helped get me to rank A.

dont jump

safe jump. option selects. better zoning (improved my footsies and AA)

I agree with this one. When trying to get in, a into roll is actually a pretty safe way of applying some pressure.

What footies do you guys claim is most efficient?

I’ve read the safe jump stuff and tried it in training mode and online but had limited success. I don’t think I’m doing it properly.

Here’s some shit about safe jumps

safe jumps

[details=Spoiler]It’s worth learning. If you read the post about safe jumps and option-selects, forget the option-select stuff. Just focus on safe jumps. Almost every GOOD player online will be using them against you, pro’s use them every match, and tourney-goers certainly use them against me at every tournament I go to. I’m ashamed I never learned them until recently, and was instead mixing up my meaty’s on wakeup (and eating reversals, and losing chance to stun), baiting something out, or going for a gimmick like crossup oga (my tourney friends found out how to deal with this very quickly)

The 3 easiest to time:
PPP, delay a second, PPP
back throw, delay a moment, PPP
forward throw, double dash forward, PPP/KKK j.hp (depending on character)

You can also obviously safe jump someone from anything else that knocks them down, but those three I listed are braindead easy when you get the timing down. Once you learn how to safe jump, you no longer have to rely on guessing which meaty move to wake them up with while hoping you don’t get reversal’d. You get more stuns because you keep them pressured and blocking from the moment they stand and also because your mix-up is best at close range where you can tick throw and frame trap them. [/details]

Regarding zoning/footsies, PPP mk xx hands, xx hands,, c.hp,; KKK and xx roll (not against people with good 3-frame reversal though; it’s -3 on block)

spacing vs gief is not mantis mk range. its better for me at mantis sweep range. you can AA all his jumps with cr.fp, and green hand whiffs from there

Regarding c.hp AA against zang, if he uses jumping knees you’ll whiff your c.hp and he can punish. My zang friend exploits this and mixes up his air attacks so I never can be sure of his hittable range. I’ve been using shakudan to AA that bastard when I can and it’s been working great

I find anytime I try to safe jump I get thrown. I’ve had to keep my fingers ready to tech.

I’ve had success using mantis s.HK as a AA vs him. I find a lof of Giefs jump 1 of 2 scenarios. During knock down vortex, or from far away. Because his Air normals have so much reach. When he jumps in from far away I use Mantis s.HK, or Crane s.MK. If he’s in close and does jump in, I use air to air normals or Gekiro.

you just need to practice your timing so your meaty attack actually hits. (I currently have this problem too, BTW)
you probably hit too late and whiff, you end in those 4 recovery landing frames and get thrown.

if you do the safe jump correctly theres no escape, they’re either going to be in blockstun or hitstun on wakeup no matter what… unlikely to be able to mash throws :smiley:

(and if they attempt a reversal slower than 3 frames, you automatically block it and punish it, obviously)

The decision to forget about online play.

I was wondering why youre never online anymore :wink:

Cross up Ogas. I’ve been practicing them for a week and can land them most of the time. They have improved my rushdown immensely simply because it freaks out my opponents. And it’s a great super setup whenever the opportunity arises.
I’d wager this is about as much of an improvement as when I first learned to do mk -> hands (I’m playing on PC).


To prevent getting thrown if you mis-time your safe jump and land too early to hit them meaty with the jump-in, use OS to start your combo after the jump-in. Not only does it USUALLY break mashers’ throw spam, but if your timing is only off by a frame or two anyway most people will be blocking high for the jump-in you just whiffed so they’ll get hit by the and you get a free combo. Your mistake will become mixup :cool:

Mantis for zang AA. I’ll have to try that

good shit man. i just looked at the xbl leaderboard, i see you are up to 4000pp and 16000+bp (second overall for gen). hard work looks like its starting to pay off for you

on a side note, ive started to actually play the game online a lot more as of late, and im getting my ass handed to me by the 2500PP crowd. i have fallen hard from 3500, in my fei heavy days, back to as low as 2100, and 2600 as of this post

im taking it as a learning experience tho. i have a lot of kinks im working out in my matchups. and defending against randomness is going to help me deal with certain strategies better

a rule of thumb thats making me start to win again is if im fighting a character who has shorter range than crane, i stay in crane more often (sakura, ryu, guile for example). if they have a longer range than that, i stay in mantis more (chun, bison, ken, rog)

i also take into account heavily used specials. like if the ryu player throws more fireballs, i play mantis, and since gief can random EX GH and put you in a bad spot i stay in mantis to out space that.

what is you guys philosophy when it comes to switching styles? do you play one all the time no matter what? why?