Things you have recently learn that really up'd your game

I lost 1000 pp yesterday (went from 3600 to 2600 ish) because I was drunk and mad salty. I always keep playing even if I get salty which causes me to lose even more :expressionless:

I usually play a footsie/poke style, but If my opponent isn’t responsive to footsies or I just my ass kicked I’ll throw in more genanigans and will probably use more FADC combos/tick throws for the knockdown. I always have trouble adjusting to really defensive players though, like a guile that sits in the corner the whole game. I need more patience…

yea, maybe i should have gotten drunk.

I’ve found that people really don’t know how to block a simple downward ceiling kick. It’s kind of sad.

If they don’t know Gen or don’t fight one regularly, it’ll be hard to block. If you play online with lag, the chance to hit goes up. And there are enough shenanigans around that risky move, such as the ceiling dive to the left/right, either whiffing or crossing up. Inexperienced players will panic easily because of all that. But let them learn the hard way :slight_smile:

I tried some online again, but I get salty whether I win or lose. Damn lag messes up my footsie game, but there’s nobody in the area to fight offline -_- I noticed people tend to get really fidgety after (PPP) s.MP, (KKK) s.MP setups, so they either jump back (forward in corners) or attempt unsafe specials, so I get a free combo if they guess wrong. Haven’t noticed other reactions yet.

There are ways to set this up where its just a 50/50 guessing game.

pray tell!

It´s pretty much spacing dependent, and a seemingly random occurance. I have been meaning to ask this for ahile now actually, so I´m interested in those setups, please do tell.

he speaks for me as well. tellith us this knowledge of the ceiling dropith oplimius in the land of fighter of street… now that i have spoken this way he shall tell us all and give us the fruit of this knowledge… or something like that

you sure you’re not referring to the times when you’re hitting them with meaty ceiling drop and they MUST guess the correct way to block (i.e. they MUST hold block in the direction of the wall Gen bounced off of)? when it’s not meaty obviously they can just pick a direction and hold it.

I’m pretty sure there are instances where you’d hit someone on the back of their head and it registers as a cross-up hit, I just have no idea how and if it is possible to set up such a thing.

There was a video of rokotsu (or someone else, can’t remember) vs tokido on a godsgarden online stream, and the Gen player did ceiling drop and it hit tokido and he lost. Tokido said it hit at the back of him even though he blocked the wall direction he came from and signalled with his hand behind his back…

Probably he’s talking about 50/50 situation where you’ll cross-up with ceiling angled kick and obviously won’t with straight drop kick, so the opponent have to guess which direction to go to. A non-reset ceiling dive kick on a non-jumping back-holding Gief comes to mind. And it’s probably after some kind of reset, since otherwise they can just jump out of it (maybe they can just jump out even with reset, but w/e).

meaty cross-up with ceiling drop its been there that since vanilla, just becomes more apparent to happen after a forward throw with the right timing, once you know that its tricky, even more when you throw them in the corner.

This is something really old to me but it still seems to work on most people that I don’t regularly play. It’s so simple I figured everyone probably figured it out on their own some time or another so I never mentioned it. However, I lately noticed I have never seen anyone else do this.

After finished Gekiro, if they did not quick stand, oga immediately to ceiling and drop. You’ll land right before their hittable stand frames and it’s a most excellent throw setup!

i recently learned to do the 2nd gekiro kicks as soon as i see a LK or EX gekiro is blocked (reversal or screwed up link), if its done soon enough he does the 2nd kick and rapidly lands with unusually fast recovery, a lot harder to punish

well i guess thats not really something new to you guys, but i’ve been starting doing it **consistently **just pretty recently, let’s say less than a couple months :\

and it actually helps me most of the times i can pull it out, i hardly get punished even by very good players because its very fast

That’s very smart, especially if you’re just doing EX Gekiro wake-up. Most people nowadays expect you to float and try to catch them with the second kick. I’m sure at this point dropping faster is often the way to go. If it hits, you keep going because of derp derp EX Gekiro, and if it’s blocked you might just land in time.

oh i’m sorry now that i red your message… i dont know why i wrote EX gekiro, but thats incorrect :frowning:

i’ve been using it for meterless gekiros (mainly LK, reversal or combo finisher)

EX doesnt allow this, it would be great (maybe broken) though

sorry again, my bad :frowning:

but still, it works very good for meterless gekiros, especially LK version, 3 invincibility frames which might be enough against some pressure situations, (but watch out for some low attacks which beat that) and when you drop a link

Ah, you’re right, I never actually noticed that there was a huge delay for the second hit on EX Gekiro, because that’s where I always put my pause anyways. Well damn… At least there’s LK.