Things you love about Ranked


Been sittin in Ranked on PC for about an hour, messing around with Evil Ryu and I love grabbing a legit win against someone higher than me, then they switch to their A+ ranked whoever and wreck me. What else do you guys love? Sarcasm optional :slight_smile:




This thread is gonna get closed maybe but beating Kurokiba


I enjoy grinding points, as meaningless as they are. Makes the matches more interesting when I know “something” is on the line, no matter how inconsequential they are overall.


I like ranked play because it surprises me sometimes. Playing against the same 3 or 4 people tend to make my gameplan quite stale overtime.


Not sure why the thread would get closed, I just meant it to see how people felt about ranked compared to other stuff. One thing I do actually like alot is the chance to fight some big names you would never fight otherwise.


Yeah you can run into some pro top players online which is really cool. Not as cool as offline obviously but still. I really hope it is double blind matchmaking in Ultra though, too easy to boost points by cherry picking.


I’ve been getting hatemail for booting players with 0-1 signal bars from Ranked lobbies. Do they really expect me to just play through the lag?


I like how random and ‘online’ most of the people are (JUMPIN TIEM!, half screen slides, dash up throw attempts, jab jab throw attempt 8x in a row and no frametraps ever, mashing jab/ every single time you are in blockstun, etc.), always gives me a good laugh, win or lose, especially since when I look back at how I used to play its pretty much the exact same :smiley:

I also like doing random select ranked and trolling people, as well as having the low ass chance of actually finding good players with good connectins who I can practice with vs. their main(s) later on in endless.


Good connections.

Teaching new players who wanna learn.

Hatemail from asshats.

Timing out dickheads.

Seeing the same people on and off over the years and seeing how they improve or don’t.

Being able to play at all.

Mostly this includes endless too cuz whatever.

Edit: Oh voice chat for sure. Earlier today someone’s kid called me the world champ while I was beating their dad.

And I’ll never forget when sfxt dropped and my friend amd I were doing 2v2, hearing these guys just go crazy with awe while I combo’d them in real time.

Weird comments like an Akuma screaming "WHAT THE FUUUUUCK’!!!" loud enough to wake the dead when his u2 whiffed me crouching. Just insignificant stuff like that that sticks with me for whatever reason.


The only big name i’ve played on PSN is DerrickLegend, I thought a player of this caliber would have better fundamentals, looks like he’s all setups/mixups and rushdown. I did better against him than other players who are similar ranked.


This. If AE was just endless lobbies online then we’d never get these treasures.


His fundamentals are very poor. He mashes really hard, he does a lot of random pinwheels/jump back divekicks, and he doesn’t hit confirm well going for throw resets when he gets a clean hit.


Dat chip damage set-up in the second match.

My favorite thing about ranked is how fast you can get matches and how varied the competition is. Sure the competition isn’t always solid but playing against online tactics requires you to play solid yourself. If you’re getting beaten by them then it just shows you that you still need to improve.


Losing to 0/0 players.


Ragemail and ragequitters, makes me smile everytime either one happens :wink:


nothing i just rage quit because of one of these : bison, blanka, abel ( who know what they are doing ), vega, freaking fucking vega, i cant believe this tard is getting buffed and add to that delayed wake up …

then i usually retourn to camping endless like a scrub pretending that am good with just 2k~ rating, win some matchs even against way better players than me and feel confident again to go Ranked, then the same shit happen … endless vortex cycle of raaaaaaaage


(the tard is you)


yes sure, but he’s still a cheap ass character that requier 0.1% of your brain to play it