Things you should have known already

We all have things we’re embarrassed to have only learned recently. Pronunciation of a word, an easier way to do something, etc.

This is about when that new fact is so closely related to something you already know/use, you’re extra pissed you didn’t find it out sooner. The new stuff is just as valuable as the old, yet it still took you forever to discover it.

I’m just now finding out that on youtube, you can do the special google tricks (like the “or” pipe, intitle:, or double quotes around exact phrases) when searching through uploads on a particular channel.
However, I’ve known you can do that stuff for a regular youtube search since google bought them out.

For another path, you can talk about things you’re supposed to know (for whatever reason), but don’t. Like a middle school math teacher who slips up on the order of operations, or something.

I forgot the declaration of independence was signed in 1776. I’m apparently supposed to know that. oops!

Boolean operators in searching is underrated in general these days, and back in the days of altavista, dogpile, metacrawler, they were an absolute regular essential to internet use.

Here’s a pronouncing channel. It may/ may NOT be useful.

Also, people die when they are killed.

Boolean Operators?

holding down the alt key while left clicking the mouse on a thumbnail automatically downloads the image in firefox

It’s a part of programming methodology.

You can enter stuff like “&&”, “||” which represent “AND” and “OR” into a google search to filter your search. A Boolean statement is a true or false statement and the logical (boolean) operator evaluates the statement to prove it true or false. Or something like that.

here are more details on it

I think the fact that they are boolean operators makes them relatively unused. I’m a programmer and I don’t even use them when searching. It’s probably a lot less evident how they work to non programmers. I don’t know a better way to get that functionality, but your average person definitely is going to be confused with programming operators.

One thing I’ve noticed is there a lot of words I’ve used in my life incorrectly because I only gathered their meaning by context, which isn’t always the best way to build vocab. I don’t have any good examples but I imagine this is a common occurrence for people whether they realize it or not.

I always thought that had an odd and silly name. A couple months ago, I was just randomly thinking about it, and then it hit me… back in the day, audiences used to throw tomatoes in theatres at the actors whenever they weren’t entertained! I felt really dumb.

After all the salad my family has bought through the years, I just found out working at a min wage sonic that you can just punch in the big bottom stem of a head of lettus and tear it out easily…shit got me hyped.

1st The internet is a social network
therefore, people think being a douche is the right path to being socially accepted.

I hated ps for w/e reasons for a number of years
I’m starting to wonder if its even the case

I dunno how many Black ops games I’ve played with shitty connections, drops, or latency issues
for a while, its was around 3:5 2:5 …given that it takes and hour to play 5 or 6 games

That Netflix sweet, sweet price couldn’t last forever

You’ve ruined my day.

A friend of mine went all the way through life till his 18th birthday thinking the word “essay” was spelt “SA”

history is important, but not for the reasons people say it is

I was admiring my neighbor across the street’s lawn…Then I viewed my own from a distance. The grass does indeed appear greener from afar- like say the other side.

In 6th grade I called a white classmate the n word because he pushed my trapper and folder off of my table. This kid was basically a frenemy before the term was popular and was always fucking with me.

I heard the word from my uncle in NC and never realized the correlation between the n word and black people until then.
I thought it was just a much more vulgar form of prick.

Amazingly I didn’t get my ass kicked by the black kids in class. I was however completely embarrased and got called gay the rest of the day, which I’m not sure if I knew exactly what that meant either.

I had enough of it and kicked the kid that started it, tried again and missed as he punched me in the face and I fell to the ground and cried. Conveniently for all of us I suppose, there wasn’t any adults around at that exact time.

I remember a red haired class mate named Alex crouched down on the ground while I was crying and told me, “Mike’s an asshole.”

Story of the day.

It was the reverse for me. I never understood why people call each other “essays” back then. Homophones FTL

my best friend is in his 30’s, and STILL can’t understand how rock/paper/scissors works.

Wow I laughed out loud spilling my Starbucks on my laptop - people are looking at me funny o_o