Things you were or still are scared of



When SMB2 came out the phantos (2:53) and floating bird head (3:13) creeped me the fuck out and gave me nightmares. The panicky music didn’t help either lol. Seeing HIM/IT for the first time in Mulholland Drive gave me a good jolt too. Nothing makes my skin crawl more then the creepy piano music in Eyes Wide Shut. Dead Space 1 and especially 2 scared me countless times and maintain a very uncomfortable atmosphere throughout.

Admit your inner Chuckie Finster fear the man in the oatmeal box!


Whenever I go to bed and lay on my side I get a little paranoid about someone coming and attacking me at my sides (the area where love handles are suppose to be). I’m just really sensitive in that area for some reason. Very ticklish there as well.

edit: Diablo 1.


needles, ghosts, aliens, litle noises in my house, walking around quiet places at night, the dark i always try to imagine something to totally freak me out no matter how irrational it is and i cant stop


getting to 30 and not starting a business.


Getting to 31 and still running one.

Employment laws suck :frowning:


heh, no intentions of doing so i the UK dude, but thanks for the tip.


Tales from the Darkside opening/ending theme. i seriously won’t listen to that shit still to this day.
anything with 6-8 legs and/or double digit eyes. rats? no problem. snakes? i’ll deal. creepy crawlies? NO FUCKIN WAY. F.U. Charlotte—fuckin spider.


Mayhem Miller.




Bees, flies, my feet sticking out of the blanket at night, peeping toms/burglars (had a guy try breaking in when I was a kid), necromorphs in my house (trauma from being scared to death from dead space)


When I was a kid I was scared to death of bees and other stinging insects. I’ve gotten over that - now all I fear is growing old and decrepit. Kinda wish I could trade back.



Seriously, that scared me as a kid too, that and E.T., Night terrors, spiders, and pitch black darkness.

Now the only thing that scares me is white people.


centipedes and black women.


That doll Chuckie used to scare the shit out of me all the time. I finally got over it when I was 16.

I’m only 18 D:


My ego.


Centipedes scare me, because they just don’t give a fuck. They actively hunt you down once they see you as a living target. They will climb a bed and pursue you if you accidentally agitate them. Having a giant 10 inch centipede rushing you down is terrifying!

As for slightly irrational fears Vintage dolls with occasionally missing eyeballs creep me out as well, especially if they’re bundled together in a room or closet. :sweat:

Fortunately, I don’t have any true phobias.


That fish that pretends to be corral, only to ambush the shit out of fish. It’s in the old school ZooBooks TV ads and it always made me uncomfortable.


Deep water. I almost drowned once as a kid so maybe that’s why.

Whenever I stand over a large body of water and I know how deep it is, I kinda take a step back.


i was watching this at 4am 2years ago, and “that part” near the end scared the shit outta me.



Spiders. I don’t think I will EVER get over my severe arachnophobia. About 2 month ago there was this GIANT garden spider that made it’s web near our trashcans. I was taking the trash out to the curb one day and completely forgot about the spider. I felt something on my neck it was the giant spider. I freaked the fuck out. Slapping at myself and looking like a complete fucking idiot to any onlooker. Like a second later, I saw it crawling along the ground. I couldn’t even bring myself to kill it. I let it walk on. Anyways, afterwards, I literally felt like I was going to throw up because the thing was on me. I couldn’t relax the rest of the day…