Things you're doing that you should have done a while ago

I should have bought a new modem years ago. My internet was cutting out while I was online last week, and online gaming with my PS3 suddenly just wasn’t happening. After 7 total hours of dealing with ATT’s tech support over the last weekend, I finally caved and bought a new modem since my old one is almost 10 years old anyway. Plus, tech support could no longer say the modem might be the problem. I get this modem, my new hope, out the box and get everything set up. Internet is still cutting out. However, it’s way less frequent, and this modem is averaging twice the connection of my old one in speed tests. A tech is coming tomorrow to fix whatever’s making the line sucky, if the line’s the problem.

Now I’m kind of angry. All these years of online surfing and gaming and I NEVER thought to purchase a new modem that could withstand all the service upgrades I’ve gone through. Even when I had money to blow. Now, I’m damn near broke. I shelled out 50 bucks for this modem. If this technician tests my line and proves the modem is the problem, that’ll actually cost me 60 bucks for labor. If it’s the line, no charge. I’m sure the problem is on their end, but my luck might screw me.

This isn’t serious for anyone or anything but my wallet, but it fit the topic. What’s something you should have done a long time ago, but are doing just now?

does cocaine count?

  • driving. Or starting to drive. It’s hard to stay faithful when everyone starts bitching at you and making you sound like you’re such a problem…

masturbating. im 30 and i just found out about this. It’s awesome! How come no one told me about it sooner!

Taking care of my Credit. I took out loans and maxed credit cards when I was younger (I don’t have parents that have money, I’ve essentially been on my own since high school.) Now I’m married and want to work towards a house, and I have a long way to go. My rating at its lowest was 520. I’m up to 620 now, but that is still very poor credit.

I’m not the type to have regrets, but if I could say one thing to my 17 year old self, it would be to tell him how important credit is!

I just signed up with my local gym 2 weeks ago and been going on a regular basis now. In fact, I’ll be there tonight. I should have done this years ago.

College…and I plan to finish this time.

Having a more outgoing personality. Back in middle school and much of high school, I was too shy and quiet of a guy to make many friends. Of course, I changed in college because if I didn’t, it’d be safe to say that my social circle would’ve be stuck with just consisting of people I knew back in my hometown, which honestly, wasn’t that many.

ha ha I was the exact opposite. I was really social in middle and high school,and now… not so much.

studying for and taking my exam to get my CCNA certification so i can get out of my shitty office administration/systems admin gig…

Good luck…I’m working on that too.

geese pants, how are you gonna be so active on SRK and never come to chicago gatherings

Yup. I’m with you on this one, man. Exact same situation I’m in.

cuz he fucking hates you

Learning how to fight. It is not a big deal in the real world, but in High School and Middle School…

oh shut up you skinny ass, odd looking fuck. go paint your face and dedicate your life to shitty musicians. you and your fat ass pig of a cousin.

Drinking more water and cutting out the caffeine. It’s tough on those mornings after not getting enough sleep, but I feel more relaxed and confident when I don’t have the sugar rush going…

Sad thing is I have a friend who was actually in a similar situation. He didn’t jerk it until he was in his late 20’s. After that he became a jerkin’ freak. I honestly felt like a drug dealer whenever I loaned him my porn.

As for me, it has to be learning PHP. For years I was always intimidated by anything that looked like a string or variable and auto-dumped any back end code for the programmers to handle.
Now after learning this for myself, I realize that it isn’t that it isn’t that difficult at all and I get a little pissed thinking about all that money I shelled out to those slimy programmers and believing their bullshit excuses. :annoy:

Also, I’ve been jump roping a lot lately. It was something I always wanted to do as a kid while I watched my dad do all sorts of crazy boxer jump rope routines, but never had the patience or discipline to learn it.
Now I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but still not quite at the level my dad was during his prime.

Use Bengay to make it go smoother. It has the added advantage of making it nice and warm.

…but the smell?

For me ist’s finally booking and preparing for my A+ exams which I should have done years ago.