Things you've learned from Cross Assault? (keep it civilized)

Ryu & Rufus are obviously the best characters in the game. After several days of rigorous training and critical, in-depth experimentation (ex. Mission Mode) with ALL the characters in SFxT, it was determined by the (stronger) contestants that Ryu/Ken/Rufus/Akuma/Sagat were the way to go to get past elimination. That would certainly explain the lack of character variety when things were on the line, and it’s obviously not because of reasons like “easy to pick up, play SFIV-style and win with.”
3rd Strike players, who seldom play or place-in Street Fighter IV, should not play SFxT. Also, post-loss, 3rd Strike players seem to have a lot to say about the game AND the show. Most of their input is along the lines of “It’s made me tired” and “that character is broke. I could’ve picked him, but I picked Zangief instead.” And keep drinking your water.
when you body your training partner 3-0, be sure to mention how you were both "pretty much even.", even if they don’t shake your hand when departing from the victory stage. And don’t forget to say something about Japan, the place you’ve always wanted to go to ever since you started watching every episode of Bleach & Naruto.
microphones & public-speaking makes competitors with “electrifying, Hollywood personalities” fall to pieces. So whenever you’re at a loss for words, be sure to fill the gaps in your sentences with “like” and “whatever” and “Shoutouts to…[insert unimportant people here].”
coaches remain humble with they see their pupils taste victory, sticking to delivering soft lines such as (paraphrased) “my boy over there won $25,000!” after they win a set by doing basics against someone that mostly plays 3rd Strike.
online-heavy players don’t really know what to do once they fight fairly competent players and their random sweeps & jump-in Roundhouse kicks no longer work.
not much has changed throughout the years of competitive, male-dominated video games in regards to how males “interact” with female gamers, however if such antics are caught on tape, then it suddenly warrants a nation-wide awareness on the issue and it demands 20+ kotaku articles begging stream monsters (people who seldom care for the “positiveness of the scene” and whom are not likely to ever travel to compete) to be more polite and welcoming to all gamers. Coincidentally, this may also be the most memorable thing on the show, not any of the matches.
—**if Capcom wants it’s players to put on a show and make their game look good…**then obviously putting up $25,000 wasn’t enough to do it.

Congrats NerdJosh and Alex Valle! Thanks Capcom! See you all @ Season 2!

Yeah, especially since 2 of the people in the final 4 were 3rd Strike players, one of which never played 4 until a week before the contest.


I think the only thing I learned is that reality shows and fighting games don’t mix unless you want to cause a shitstorm in the community. Seriously though I liked the idea of the show before I watched it, after the first day I was pretty much just watching it so I could see SFxT. A more professional version of the show that isn’t streaming live might be more ideal, also if your going to stream like 8 hours of guys in training mode at least have rock commentate over it.

Also ryu and rufus being the strongest is kinda crazy to say when the game isn’t even out yet.

I learned that playing Ryu and Ken is easier than actually learning new or complex things! :tup:

nahhh I suck at fighting games. Congrats, all!

I disagree with ryu/rufus & friends being the best, good choices? yes. but not the best. -_-
That’s one of the reasons why I stopped watching the show, all the players acted like they were too scared to jump out of the comfort zone.
I guess I learned that when money is on the line, everybody jump on the ryu/hugo bandwagon.

Ha ha ha Good Lord I hope not.

Oh another thing I learned that stemmed from the aris issue is that people outside of the community have no clue what were about.
We have a community that is filled with black dudes, asians, random white guys, and everything in between. Even our best players are more diverse then any other gaming communities entire player base. We got a Filipino dude, numerous african americans, a large group of asians from everywhere from japan to korea, and then ricky ortiz who is ricky ortiz who we all love.

lmao @ ricky ortiz getting his own category

That is 100% as it should be. I love Ricky Ortiz.

how do you guys read a whole sarcastic OP and still take the first point as dead serious

thank god valle had a little bit of sense about him on the mic to say something directed at attracting people to the game and not repulsing them

He’s gotta have his own, ricky is amazing and I love the fact that he does his own thing. Out of all the top players ricky is the only one you will catch me rooting for other then dr. subzero.

It doesn’t hurt that ricky is a fucking beast either.

This, and he has all the personality ever. SO much. :tup:

Personally I thought it was super boring, and thats even with the added sexism. Plus Tekken guys couldn’t stand a chance, cause the game doesn’t play even remotely like Tekken.