Think I found a clue to whether we will get 3rd strike on ps3 or xbox360

This is something I happened to notice; not a troll or anything. This is my first actual post here, though I have read for a long time. Basically I will get down to it. People have been hoping/dreaming/wondering if we would get 3rd strike for new gen consoles like ps3 and xbox360. This is no definitive answer but it seems like a clue to me. -And- Maybe someone else has already seen this. If so, I apologize for posting about it again. Anyways, gamestop, as many may know, has a power up rewards card. Like a frequent buyer card. I signed up for it and finally went and filled it out at You get more bonus points for adding games from their list to your game library and marking them as I have/I want/I had, etc. I was so bored I went and selected this option for every ps2 and ps3 game I ever owned. When in the fighting section on the ps3 page I stumbled upon an entry with a blank icon, like many other legit titles on the powerup site, and I got excited when I saw what it said. It said, and still does right now, "Street Fighter III: Third Strike: Online Edition

* Platform: Playstation 3
* Genre: Fighting

Maybe people already know and it was announced but it was news to me and makes me believe we are definately going to get it for at least ps3 through the playstation store or whatever. Thanks for your time. If your awesome and you already knew this and more then congratulations. Cheers.
I have included a link to the image (basically a cell phone photo shot of the games icon on my monitor). It is grouped next to star ocean and crap because I tagged many games as “i want” so this was quicker for me to login and take a photo of. But by all means anyone who wants to prove/disprove what I have seen can log in and find it themselves.

long live 3rd strike:woot:

I figured it was just a given that it would be coming out on both consoles. Also, i hate to be one of these guys: but this is fighting game discussion board material, not GD. Pretty cute though ; P

I knew I would make at least one nub mistake posting this. Well should I move this or something or just leave it alone? Anyways thanks for looking.

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