Think I fried my Dreamcast


The control ports don’t work. Any way to fix this? Or is it fucked?


you have to replace a resistor if its only the controllers that dont work


if you open up your dreamcast and look at the board the controller ports are connected to, there should be a blue resistor/fuse on it. most likely, it is blown and the connection between the two points is no longer there. you could just connect the two points back together, or replace the fuse.

its been a while since i did that to my dreamcast.


Aww damn. Owning a DreamCast is really a privilage, not a right.</Onslaught>

Did you try them all?


I’ll try it. I have a TON of resistors laying around, believe it or not.


I had to do this myself very recently. Very easy fix. I think the DC uses a 5 ohm resistor, so I bought a pack at radio shack that has a few 10 ohm resistors, and it works perfect now.

You can find a faq on how to locate and repalce the resistor on gamefaqs, under hardware faqs - dreamcast. it’s what I used.


just incase


I have the same problem and was reading up, and apperently, it’s not this resistor I need but a fuse? Anyone know a definitive answer on this?


I remember the first time this happened to me, i was so scared so i give it to some of those dudes that repair consoles in the market (until the black Xbox came officially to Mexico all our consoles must be purchased in the grey market and usually the only one that could fix a broken console were themselves, altough nintendo has some kind of oficial distributor but it wasn’t even near as good as microsoft is rigth now) and they charged me the equivalent of $20 USD just for changing that resistor/fuse … since then i don’t leave anyone to fix anything in my consoles or PC unless is something that really, really REALLY needs special equipment or can’t find the problem. Thank you internet.


I’d also like to add that the self resetting PTC fuses would also make a good suggestion to go in. If something trips it, turn it off for a sec and its back to working order. Youll never have to open the damn thing up to replace that fuse ever again. Maybe like Digikey #490-3967-ND?


Checked it out, and I’m about to order one, but are you sure that has the right voltage and Ohms that is needed? Don’t want to get an incompatible one.


Just add a dash of black pepper and smother it in tartar sauce. It can be a little tough when undercooked, so be careful.


Not 100% sure, no, buts its a best guess. I know the original is made to blow around 800mA, and this one will trip for certain at 820mA. Max rated voltage is 30v, when it only goes to 5v. Guaranteed to not trip if less than 420mA. Max current before serious problems with the PTC is 5A, but that just can’t happen with only a 5v source.

I wouldn’t swear on anything that playing a four player game, everyone with LCD VMU’s and rumble packs on would definitely be alright, but two schmoes with MAS sticks and p360s will be just fine.


My 3 dcs all start up normally, show the Dreamcast Logo, then the set the date and time set screen, and after you pass that, the screen goes black and the gd-rom doesn’t spin anymore. What could be causing this?


I have a parts DC, if you need a board swapped out lmk