...think I got paid to do a random asian girl


I was selling a new “reset glitched” slim xbox. cost me 200 with the chip and some work. so I put ad up on CL for 300. some “lisa” replies and wants me to deliver in astoria for 400. thats a 4 hour train ride(round trip) because its on the other side of the city. not so bad right so I get my psp and hop on the train.

I show up, hook up the xbox and test it out. everything is good then I get the money. next thing I know she randomly grabs my junk. kinda figured something was going on because she was dressed up but I thought she either got home from work or was going somewhere. so yeah we fucked. “safely” of course. then it was kinda akward. never spoke to her again.I forgot my hat at her house. called like 10 min later to see if I can go get it. didn’t even pick up the phone(WTF LOL)

and no she didn’t have a dick(guess not all asian girls have dicks??). looked ok/average/not fat/kinda tall. Id say 7/10. said she was Ecuadorian/Chinese.

now I dont know how she got the idea. it was either COMPLETELY random or she went through my photobucket albums(thats where I had the xbox pic and had my pix too) and thought she’d just try this.

SNAAAAKE’S mom would have done it for 500 and there would have been three Asian girls who all look like Anna Ohura.

thought snaaake’s mom jokes were done by now

apparently noto_O

My response to this.

uhmm photobucket pics NOW! Are you hot as your mom?

Wow she’s got low standards.


y u do deez Master Chubby :frowning: thought you was pals…


Thats awesome!
I just hope she didnt have anything.

Did you get to keep the Xbox?

Hope you like prison, because you’re about to be falsely charged with rape.

no I didn’t lol. she looked a “serious gamer”. saw an alienware computer with a shelf full of random pc games and stuff. none of this was planned or anything. I am sure she actually needed the xbox.

I am mad about the hat though. give it back! :oops:

you mean she kept the condom? ewww…

you just better hope she uses your semen for her oatmeal instead…

This is a great excuse to see her again, if you want.

She probably didnt pick up the first time because she didn’t check her phone. She just got laid, maybe she was tired. Or she thought it was a bit awkward for you to call back so soon.

When you showed up with the Xbox and a PSP, she was probably like “Whoa this guy’s got GAME.”

what…I was supposed to take out my phone and snap a pic when all this went down(no pun intended)?


did you even read? I said I forgot my hat. you know…regular hat. not dick-hat.

People are actually setting others up for false charges nowadays. Should be really careful.

You’re fucked. That alienware computer is her boyfriend’s. The XBox is for him too. He’s going to come home and say “Who’s hat is this?” and then instead of admitting to cheating she’ll say you raped her. She has pictures of you too.

lol at not having her sign a contract of consent and filming the entire ordeal to absolve you of rape.

Xbox. Getting SRK’ers laid since 2001. :tup:

where do I get this contract of consent. I should be safe and always carry a copy with me just in case !! :eek:

Bro, you better read this list. Be careful out there!