Think jill still has it in her she was pretty solid

how many people think jill is still solid as hell back then she was a top tier,anyone think jill still has it in her

See, the key there is was. That was back when nobody could do AHVBxN and trip->super was the dominant tactic. Jill ain’t got shit now, just some really laggy space coverage that creates severe dependancy upon Sent or Doom, as well as ample AHVB/Tempest/Hailstorm/c.fp XX RP XX HSF time.

^ well, yeah, everybody that isn’t top 10 or so has a hard time against standard Big 4 fare, no news there.

She has a trick or two that can be exploited, and a master player can probably raise some eyebrows with her. Pretty much like anybody else that isn’t held in high regard. All the characters have (semi-)strong points. I only play Hulk like that, so I can’t tell you anything Jill-specific.

Everyone has a nice trick or two. It’s why 2nd Tier is so huge. But he asked if she was still Top. That she ain’t.

No, she most definitely is not. No argument there.

I learned Bison the other day lol. I was screwing up cable’s badly

But against Sent i had some major problems, Against Magneto if i was blocking well it was that simple Storm gave me problems too.

My team was Bison/Sent/Cyke

He has some flashy resets with drones. He can’t lock down for nothing though…not even with doom those days are done :frowning:

naw not trying to ask if she was top tier,just was saying she might have that hidden stuff to like you said raise some eye brows

Well, she does have a few neat features. In lower-tier play, she can cover the screen well. Her s.FP is really good. Her ground chain->air chain->Shoulder Tackle A->Shoulder Tackle A+ is pretty and does decent damage. Solid second tier character, but nothing more.

Glitch Juggs > 2nd tier

awaits flames/actual knowledge

Is there a list of tier list?

I mean if people only use 15 characters during the match, why don’t they have a match for 2nd tier characters?

Like is there anyone using Jin, Felicia, Bulleta, Rubby Heart??

That will be more fun isn’t it? But then how would you judge who belongs to the 2nd tier or even 3rd tier? I guess maybe they can make a big Poll and try to figure out a rank for all characters and determine who doesn’t belong to the Top tier. hehe.

jills got it in her, just dont play anyone but the comp with her :stuck_out_tongue:

Jill has some neat tricks that she can use to her advantage, multi angle and speed projectiles, a grabbing projectile, a counter move, and even a chargable shoulder tackle. One of her main problems is the same as most of the non-top tier, range. As a pixie, she eats damage like hell, but she has to be close to be effective. Sometimes you can get away with trip XX combo, but that won’t fly more than once in a tournament match. Its pretty much just rush down with a good assist, and possibly counter once in a while.

I use BB Hood and Felicia from time to time. BB Hood is a solid character in my opinion. Her multi projectiles are annoying for most of the top tier, and Cruel Hunting does really good damage. Felicia chains her normal just about everywhere on the screen. Her b+roundhouse has really good range, its multi hit, and chains into her litterbox super, or her roll super. Both of them have really good air throw prioriety.

Obviously the best assists for most non-top tier characters are the usual suspect, Doom, Commando, Tron. But all in all, theres always little tricks you can find, early jump attack overheads, mindgames with footsies, etc. As for 2nd tier, I play Megaman, and I think he’s a solid 2nd tier character.

yeap im kind of sure see has priority to hit magneto from tri jump or his rushdown hk.that hp of hers hurts

I have a pretty serious Felicia team, and a pretty good MegaMan team.

Felicia/Tron/Sent and MM/Sent/CapCom.

Felicia has godly ground chaining ability, Hyper Sand Splash is an assist killer, her ground punch throw is great for building meter, she in general builds meter fast, B+rk and Sand Splash are nigh unpunishable by most opponents including Big 4 (except Mags), her s.jab has deceptive range and priority, she can combo Please Help Me! off of Tron for big damage, and she has great airthrow priority. Felicia is also a very reliable StriDoom counter.

The MM team I listed is a hard MSP counter. Proper use of FP, Tornado Hold, and assists can shut MSP (and most rushing in general) down completely. MM can also hold his own against Cable and Sent with Rockball, but it is an uphill fight and very hard.

EDIT: Honestly, I’d argue for MM being low 1st Tier with Cyke and such. He’s got one of the most reliable anti-rushdown gameplans available. I’m serious, he eats MSP for breakfast.

Um The trip combo this is hella good because if they roll you can call a zombie who will grab them making it a forced reset.:badboy:

I used to love her for one main reason though…


One dude at ctf used jill/juggs/capcom. He beat Sanford twice in a row. It was scary.

top tier tactics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> otg games without a real high-low game

Decent tactics? I remember sweep xxxx flaming zombie when they roll, the zombie is unblockable. One of the zombies is unblockable and sets up a launcher off of it. The closer you are to full screen distance the faster you should recover when calling minions iirc.

Overall not that great but she has good high priority normals (launcher, jumping hp, slide) but no real high low game to land her shoulder super and such. I’m not a authority on jill though, isn’t her shoulder super safe on block though?

BBHood/Felicia/Morrigan and MM/Cable/Tron here.

Megaman is a solid mid-high 2nd tier. He doesn’t hit top tier because of his limitations. For one, movement and air mobility. Plus he really does need assists to be able to fight. He can’t really make a 1 on 3 comeback, nor is he really a come back character. His supers are craptastic compared to MvC1. I’ve been playing him since MvC1, he’s good, but definitely not top tier.

Jill is still a pretty good character if you have a good projectile and anti-air assist. She has a decent rush down, and she has one of the best sweeps in the game. My Jill team is Cable and Cyke. Her zombie super does decent damage, with the possibility to otg, or reset. A very fun character to play.

JustinK plays Gambit/Morrigan/SonSon. =]