Think there is gonna be any more characters for AE?

Do you guys really think that they aren’t gonna add any more characters for AE. Part of me thinks that they might just be saying that, so if we do get any new characters, we wont expect it. Since there has been so many leaks i think that they might just wanna give us one suprise.

The only evidence i have that makes me think this is somewhat possible, is the fact that Henry Cen said on Gaurd crush that there will be more characters for home rekease. and hes been pretty accurate about everything else he has said

plus this offer that arcades were offered -


Fresh production of Super Street Fighter 4 kits will be available at the beginning of
May. All previous shipments sold out and the game is constantly being updated with time
release characters.

Closing date for payment is this Monday 8th April.

  • the wording makes it seem like there will be more then just Oni and E.ryu who are time released

This could just be wishful thinking by me i guess. Since i realize that capcom is focusing on SF X Tekken, and since it uses a similar graphic engine, characters who were being developed for AE could have just been moved over to that game

anyways, im just curious what other peoples opinions on this are; think the series is completely finished, or is there some chance?

I don’t like to speculate but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one more hidden thing lurking in the game for us. Capcom have been going crazy with adjustments and adding stuff since Super SF4 released.

i think there are two more chars because the char slots have two more open slots.

yea character slots are why new characters are made
they can only add 2 or 8 more characters now… if they add 4 or 6 more then the screen wont look nice


My sentiments exactly.

I’d figure they would avoid it so arcade and console will be on the same page…finally. Then again they might just be better hidden than Oni and E.Ryu

I thought Arcades could download updates too?

word on the street is that ono likes rectangles on an ocd level, so we’re pretty much guaranteed two more characters…

lol wtf

This is what I’d heard also, though Capcom swears up and down no more updates beyond what is currently available in AE are planned.


The funny thing is they said something similar when about regular Super :3

Maybe, but if the charecters arnt done yet then im going to be pissed, cuss there going to need to patch the ae charecters until the game becomes playable.

Yeah, the last 5000+ matches I played felt broken.

I doubt there will be more characters at this point, otherwise we would probably already know about them.

4 new charaters for AE is still very good but im pretty sure that we will have a few more characters for AE since Capcom has plenty of time untill they release AE to console.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they added 2 more. If not for AE, then as future DLC. My money is on Rolento and Karin.

According to a supposed leak, Karin is said to be in the works for Street Fighter x Tekken. If this is true, then it means they probably aready have a model, skin and animations for her. So it would be very likely they just re-use it for SSF4.

And for Rolento well obviously he’s a huge fan favorite and he would fit very well with the agressiveness of AE.

Pretty interesting.

Guess we will find out in May when the new kits are shipped?

I hope so.

My gut is telling me they are done with SSFIV after AE; maybe some balancing here and there, but I can’t see anything like a new character coming down the chute. None of us have a crystal ball, though.

Capcom has already said that SF4 is over once AE is released. So we either get something alongside the patch or else that’s it.

I doubt they’ll ever look back once AE is released, specially with SFxTK on the works.