Think they'd let Ryu change clothes?


Why can’t they just let Ryu wear some regular clothes just once. In the first issue he is eating with Ken and Eliza at a restaurant and he still has his Karate gi on. Ken could have given him some clothes or something.


Well in the game he has always been seen wearing only his gi, also in the animes except for SF2V, did he wear anything other than a gi? Nope, Ryu always wears his gi, actually he must have a load otherwise how does he cope when he’s washing em? Or worse does he wash them? LOL Nah seriously it’s not worth looking into it that much, he wears his gi all the time, end of story:D


Yeah, I thought that was a bit silly too. Wearing a gi in a restaurant, heh. :slight_smile: I wonder if he at least has several pairs of boxers or something. Wearing the same one over and over can’t be healthy.


And don’t forget his special colors in the DC version of 3rd Strike were just his normal white gi in various phases of filth. The dirtiest one was a nice, nasty greenish-brown. :lol: So I think it’s safe to say he never takes it off, since even Capcom has gone so far as to make that joke about it.


There’s an official pic somewhere of Ryu in underwear waiting in a laundramat while a bunch of nervous people look at him from the side. I guess you could assume that he has one Gi but several pairs of underwear in the bag thing and he regularly stops somewhere to wash everything and create awkward moments.


LOL! I was going to mention the picture but couldn’t find the pic on the net so I didn’t bother, don’t wanna upload it as the scanner may not be so good on the books spine in such a tight space…


I don’t think Ryu gives a crap about anything except fighting. accessorizing doesn’t mean a thing to him, but i think majestors is right though.


So that’s why Ryu doesn’t try anything different… Fighting is what matters most to him… Kinda makes sense…


Other fighters probably give him an automatic win because they don’t want to get chocked by the stink.


Capcom Design Works.


I honestly dont think I would be able to recognize him in a different get up…I assume he has about 2 or 3 gi’s, some underwear, food, and some money in that bag.



I dont know. How? From the fights? He wouldnt fight for money. I see him more as a “i cut your wood, you give me lunch” kind of guy.


I have Capcom Design Works, but my scanner sucks. I was trying to find it on the internet but had no luck till now.

Ryu had money in the SF Anime to pay that little girl for the milk he spilled. I think anyone who spends his life walking around probably has a little bit of money saved up in case he can’t find anyone who needs trees cut.


That was a mighty big wad of money though…


How the hell does he end up in all those different countries all of a sudden?. He must have some money somewhere. Should atleast purchase a little scooter or something.


I’m sure Ryu gets some money by putting ownage to random fighting tournaments, even though he doesn’t necessarily want it. In the movie (which is a very good depiction of Ryu’s life, even if it isn’t canon) Honda gives him some cash as thanks for helping him win (by distracting Dhalsim) and I’m pretty sure he receives some of the betting cash after defeating Fei-Long. In the very least, Fei-Long would have insisted on him taking it.

And then there’s Ken who has loads of it. He probably gave Ryu a Mastercard (heh) for whenever he needs to stock up on food cash.

But if we really started analyzing how some people get around to tournaments, we’d have to find out how Blanka gets on planes. I don’t think fruit trucks are available near every fighting arena in the world…


actualy maybe ryu was supposed to be the rich one seeing how he travels all over the world($$$$) and his stages are set in a castle like environment anywayz… just a theory


I don’t think its something to really worrying about, though I am pretty sure Ken Masters was the guy with all the money as all the different backgrounds, comics and animes have said he is.

Then again they’ve never really one hundred percent touched on how Ryu does wonder around all the time - unless you take on the second and third street fighters where he is shown either just walking around (saves money on travel bills - and i’m sure he can swim most oceans in his way) or getting lifts off of friendly passerby’s. Both which just scream “I don’t have much money”.

Maybe to eat he hunts wild animals, savage Ryu, though I seriously doubt it of course.

Anyway, its not a worrying issue as to how he does it without money as he just does it somehow - though it might make a good laugh in the comic somehow. If he does it like Oro then maybe he hitch hikes on top of airplanes… laughs … something he may one day get to learn to do as Oro seems to want to train the guy.

Ooops. Droning on.

Back to the first question - it might actually be nice to see what else he wears now and then. In the Eternal Challenge Art Book ( I recently got it so I had to mention it somehow ) he’s wearing something other then his outfit with Ken and Guy (Page 16 for those who have it and don’t believe me) - though its still white and sleaveless and almost identicle anyway. I thinkhe appears on page 113 without his uniform on as well - I think its him - top left of the page and if so he wears jogging bottoms, pimsels and a vest when not kitted out. Like someone else said - If he’s not in his uniform how can ya be sure it’s him?

Maybe its just part of him now - he must of sweated and bled in it enough.


ive seen some official capcom pics of ryu in some jeans and what knot. but i cant remember where i seen em. and really i wouldnt even think too much about his gi. for goodness sake he just a videogame character. if you start to wonder about what videogame characters wear and why they dont wear other things then i think you need to go outside and seriously get a life.


Whoa capn, I don’t know if you were addressing me for starting this post or not but I was just stating something that I observed in the street fighter comic. It was actually pretty funny to see Ryu sitting down in a restaurant with his white gi. No it really isn’t that big of a deal and I’m not losing sleep over it. So please just chill with the “get a life” stuff. Whether you were addressing me or someone else it doesn’t matter. We are all here just having a light hearted conversation.