Think this is a good deal for a madcatz te?


So i met this guy who is selling a madcatz xbox sf4 te stick, for $40. There is a dent on the bottom, in which he says “he dropped it on his knee” and it has been used quite a bit. He also claims everything still works, and mentions that “self control not included” whatever that is. I never bought a stick before and was waiting till I found a good one for cheap. Think this is a good deal? Attached are images of the top and the bottom with the dent.


Looks like homeboy hit it with a shoryuken


Are you buying online or can you meet up with him? What does he mean by “Self control”? Is he referring to the PCB?


yeah its a really good deal you take the bottom off and bend it back


Either way Rosser is right. $40 is a great deal. And if you need any parts there are plenty of people here that can sell them to you.


Jeez, that guys knees did that? What are they made of?


“Self Control not included” means a joke.
He doesn’t have self control, that is why he kneed the TE.
And if you don’t have self control, then you’d do something like he did.


Tiger Knee’d.

to the OP the dent gives it “character” haha.


Tiger Destruction!


I would test it wherever you guys go, before you purchase it. Just hook it up to a laptop with a fighting game, or a quick console setup to make sure everything works. If not, you’ll just have to trust the guy (which I never do).

“Self control not included” is a joke. He obviously hit the bottom of his stick, either with his knee, or he dropped it. All the more reason why you should test it to make sure that everything works, check to see if there’s anymore damage to the case, and make sure nothing popped loose internally when he stupidly vented his frustration on expensive sticks.

The dent on the bottom is no big deal, you can take it off and hammer (gently) it back into place. Worst case scenario, you just get another bottom plate.


That is certainly a great deal on a TE. Just test it out and make sure all the buttons work. Bending the panel back should be easy enough, with a flat surface and a rubber mallet you could easily straighten it out.It may not be 100% perfect, but it will be very close.


Alright I got a reply. “Self control” was a joke. Apparently that’s how it got bent, he got pissed and tiger kneed it. I also found a hori v3 stick for $35 bucks. Think the TE is still a better buy?


The TE is a little better since it comes with better parts. but the V3 is also nice and is my current stick I use stock Hori buttons, but for the extra 5$ go for the TE mang.


Lol he did a focus lvl 3 then ultra
But seriously u can always buy a bottom plexi from art for around 20 i think so its a good find

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I would buy the TE even if it didn’t function as long as the plastic on the case isn’t destroyed and the top metal panel is good buy it. You can get a TE pcb’s there all over the place especially the PS3 version and cheap but you better buy it quick If not its going to be gone if its not already. By you just posting this thread you might have alerted people. Vultures could be circling above.


I would go with the TE. Be sure to ask the questions you need to know before you buy, just to be safe. Such as, has he ever opened it, had any problems with it, ect. If all clear, and you feel confident go for it. Also see if you could test it before purchase if possible


Hori Fighting Stick V3 or Hori Real Arcade Pro V3? Either way if the TE is working fine, just get one ofnthe custom metal workers here to cut a replacement bottom plate later on. Fighting Stick V3s are pretty cheap since they’re enty level sticks soldered down from the pcb to clone buttons.