Thinking about a tournament in Tucson, Arizona

Just wanted to get a rough head count of many people from here would think they could make, or would want too.

No game lists or anything yet, but naturally the most popular ones.

The plan is to rent a ballroom at a hotel and do a Day/Night event, or maybe even a 2 day. I figure getting people from Tucson won’t be tough, but I’m curious how many people from Phoenix and other Arizonan’s would make the trip.

I wouldn’t just be posting it here either, will be advertising it througout Tucson and Phoenix as much as I can. The event will most likely be in the Summer as hotel rates around these parts are a lot cheaper in the summer, keeping the cost down for all.

Let me know your thoughts.

what texas gets no love?

We would welcome people from anywhere naturally. I just wasn’t sure how far people were willing to travel for a first time event :).

Some colorado players might be down for that. Just depends on when it is…

hey man, don’t know if i’d ever make it but i respect the inquiry! so many people make the mistake of not polling before holding such a tourney and it ends up a disaster. cool that you had the foresight! best of wishes and good luck.

Thanks E.

We are looking at Mid summer most likely. Hotel rates are so much lower in the summer here, it makes sense for a first time event. Especially for those traveling that want to stay at the hotel for a night or two.

I’ll give more details later today. I’m checking on pricing with the hotels today to get a better idea of the cost.

Well I got some pricing on a 1600 sqft room at a hotel right near the U of A. Room prices would be around 60 dollars a night. It’s not the fanciest hotel in Tucson, but it’s not bad.

We would like to plan the event for June or July.

Now the question is, would we have enough people to make it worth it.?

I would be doing advertising for the event around Arizona the best that I can. I might need help getting flyers to gamestops and what not in Phoenix and other areas.

We’ll see how the interest goes from here.

SMD from Bakersfield will be there dawg its not that far from here. Just post when you are ready to have the tournament.

Wait, should this be in the pacific south forum?

If so, could it get moved please. Sorry about that.

Sounds interesting.