Thinking about buy KOF neowave

Is anyone know if neowave is any good? or should i get a other kof?

save yourself the money

get XI when it comes out on ps2 soon

buy both

different gameplay each. Good shit!!!

what he said

i would get it. its only $20.

If you mean ‘importing’ XI that is, KoF XI hasn’t been confirmed for either US PS2 or X-Box.
NeoWave is an OK game & you should give it a try & even though it looks similar to 2002, it feels & plays somewhat different (NW is to KoF, what Reloaded is to GGX2)

XI is most likely coming out in the US only on 360. Get NeoWave.

NeoWave is a good KOF to start on.

It will set the foundation for XI. Since XI and 2k2 feel very similar. Get it and get on Live.

I would, but don’t let it take away from getting XI; if you liked 2002, you’ll like Noewave.

you act like importing a game will give you aids

errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not really, pretty much every 2 years after a dream match is more akin to #R 2k3 and 2k were closer to #R than neowave is since its a system revision.

Grab up Neo-Wave for now, it’s cheap, and XI won’t be out on the PS2 in Japan for a month, so if you got a decent job, that’s plenty of time to save up, unless you decide to wait out on a USA release, which could be anywhere from six months to a year from now .

…what? GGXX#R is to GGXX as Neowave is to KoF2k2. Same basic game with some slight tweaks and roster additions.

wth? what’s this i’m hearing kofxi will come out on 360? <sigh> i don’t want a 360.


Basically, if you’re into 02 you might like NW (whereas if you’re into 98 it’s much unlikely). The system was “extended” (I don’t like to say that though) since there are 3 grooves including one that looks more or less like 02. You also get strange 3D backgrounds (I mean strange because I don’t really care usually but they really mess up my eyes in NW…)

In a nutshell : the game isn’t bad and the port is good and it’s cheap… only problem is you may like it or totally hate it (I totally hate it…)

I’d get it, if I had a x-box. SNK games get hard to find, fast.

This is very True, especially with the Xbox SNKP games (Maximum Impact being the exception, since more copies were made of it than the others, and it sold like shit, so you can find it fairly easily still). If you can find a copy of Neowave for Xbox, grab it, you won’t have many chances to pick it up in-store. And give it a month or so, you won’t be able to buy it from most online retailers, either. Very few copies of Neowave were made, and stores only get in 1-2 copies a location, if any at all.

BTW, KOF 2k2/2k3 pack on Xbox dropped to 20 dollars new in EBs that still have a copy floating around (rare, and even then probably a shelf copy, boo). No one plays either game online anymore (we all moved on to Neowave), but still a great deal.

Ive seen that NGBC is coming to 360, can someone link me to the announcement that XI is coming to 360 also? I hope its true (though kinda doubt it), that’d be sweet.

I’ll be upset if XI only comes out on 360. I don’t want to mod my PS2.

Get Neo Wave…I agree with all else said here…NW is like Kof 2k2#R…