Thinking about buying SF5 PC during Steam Summer Sale: State of SF5 PC?


I don’t have a PS4 so buying the console version isn’t an option. I’m thinking about buying it during the Steam Summer Sale as long as there’s a good discount. What is the state of SF5 on PC? Is it on par? does it have glaring issues so that I should avoid it? I’ve been out of the SF scene for several months and not keeping tabs, so I’d like some input from you great folks.


First of all, be happy to know that the PC version is not inferior in any way, and crossplay is available (you can play against ps4 players) so you can’t go wrong buying it for PC.

That being said be warned that there is some severe hating going on against this game in internet discussions. I do not know if this display of hate is representative of the average SF player or if it’s just a very vocal minority: I personally disagree with it.

The main objections to the game are:

  • there are 8 frames of input lag
  • said lag is somewhat inconsistent (you can reduce it on PC by disabling v-sync and on PS4 by using legacy controllers)
  • the antilag is a bit faulty and sometimes one of the two players will get all the lag, and the other none. PC players in particular can exploit this to gain an unfair advantage.
  • matchmaking was bad, but it seems to have improved a lot with the recent maintenance
  • there are ways to not lose points after losing a ranked match, so the leaderbords are not to be taken too seriously
  • it’s hard to find lobbies for friendly matches since they fail to display the nationality and ping of the host, so you either keep joining them until you find one from your continent or you use discord to arrange matches


PC version is the preferred one for me. Mainly because I feel no difference when playing and since my PC is hooked up to my TV it’s easy to just go from browsing SRK or watching a movie to playing a few games.

The worst I can tell is that a few people disable crossplay and a majority of the playerbase is on PS4, so you might have slightly fewer people to play against. Well, that and it’s pretty poorly optimized for PC, but as long as you have a semi-decent PC it should be fine.


PC version works well for me during offline play. Online I get rollbacks all over the place even on 5 bars. Gonna wait for a few patches to optimize things before I play online on PC again.

PS4 works well for me online though.


Great, thanks a bunch for the info fam. I’ll look to get SF5 as long as the discount is good… I an’t paying $80 CDN for SHIT! lol.

It will also be quite money to be able to use my old Xbox 360 arcade controllers…


It works pretty well overall, but my use case is mostly playing endless lobbies online with a pool of players I already know rather than trying ranked


Really depends what you are looking for in Street Fighter V as a whole.

Total package?

Wait for story release and the reception during/after its release (I am willing to guess that “unmentioned” things will be updated/changed for the better of SFV).

Competitive play?

Eh… here’s my problem atm. PC Street Fighter V has to be one of the WORST experiences for online gaming imo (okay it’s not like console KOFXII or console KOFXIII bad… but it’s still unacceptable for today’s standards, especially for a triple A[AA] game). A lot of us know the matchmaking system is pretty terrible for both PS4 and PC… however, PC is prone for “one-sided” rollback connections, in which one player (usually it’s the PC player) will have a terrible connection based on visual rollbacks (via incorrect sync), while the other player (usually it’s the PS4 player… but this ALSO could be a PC player) will play the match as if it was normal.

If you want the best experience for competition’s sake, be prepared to weed out your player-base and add small amounts of friends that actually has a decent connection with you. Prepare to be primarily playing battle-lounge because of this. You may need to do casual match/ranked match for fight money and experience, but another thing to note is that not all PS4 players will give you the one-sided problem, and it can just be completely random that it works as it should or not.


The only main issue atm for me is the inconsistent quality of netplay. You can find a lot of 5 bars matches that will run smooth as silk, but if the matchmaking server or the ping filter are not working properly that particular day you can find yourself playing a lot of matches that are borderline if not totally unplayable. Ranked may be a hellish experience for that reason - that and the very poor system they created to punish ragequitters.

Also if you’re a PC player you might take a look at sites like instantgaming or G2A, you’ll usually find Steam keys for a much lower price than what you can get during the sales. The only downside is that you won’t be able to get a refund if you don’t like the game or if it doesn’t work on your PC.


welp, it got a 33% discount on Steam… I think I’m gonna take the plunge and get the Season Pass, so I get all the chars, naturally.


So wait, what’s the deal here? I can unlock DLC characters just by playing the game? I don’t have to get a season pass? Something about Zenny points?


You can feasibly get 3-4 characters via Fight Money (in-game currency) just playing the bulk of the game’s single player content (story mode, survival on normal for everyone, trial mode).


As a PC player you shouldn’t probably need to worry about gathering enough FM to get the characters.


Yeah… I bought the season’s pass… :confused:


Well, this is just Season 1, right? In future Seasons I will try not to buy more passes!


Zenny no longer exists so you don’t have to worry about it.

Season Pass only gives you premium costumes at essentially a discount for what you’d have to pay for them individually on Steam/PSN. It basically doesn’t do anything else AFAIK.

Everything else other than premium cosmetics can be unlocked purely through playing. Since you have the PC version, you can also just find mods to hack the game so you don’t even have to grind.


I actually went back and got the game refunded and bought it again, this time without the season pass.

I have no problem modding the game, but I will also want to take those DLC characters online so I’ll have to settle for grinding on PC.


if you acquire any fight money by way of a mod 1 round survival mode, then purchase a character with said fight money, thats a legit in game purchase, and you can play every mode w said character, these really no need to grind on the pc version at all…the only non playable characters online would be any mod people create to add juri or urien in the game, cause of right now, they arent finished.


I’d say it’s a much better way to go, the fact that you can mod your game and actually have SF3 Alex is always a bonus