Thinking about dipping my toes in the water


So I dabbled with SFIV around 2011 on ps3 but never actually never put in any time or effort.

I currently own a Xbox One and a gaming PC. Looking to try and get into a game. Any suggestions? Should I just wait for the new injustice? Besides Killer instinct any good Xbox one or pc fighting games with a strong community?


Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator for Steam. Ranked is pretty dead, granted, but there’s always active lobbies in the game, and it’s really easy to find someone around your own level if you ask on the right Discord-channels.

The game also has very good in-game tools for teaching how to approach the game, with excellent tutorials, good trials and a great mission mode.


Awesome thanks for the post I’ll check it out. Do you recommend starting with a fightstick?


I personally prefer using fightsticks, but it’s by no means a necessity. I’ve gotten completely destroyed by pad players in Xrd before.
It really depends on whether you’re actually interested in investing in a stick, since they’re quite expensive.


I agree, Xrd is a beautiful looking game, has a great cast of cool looking characters to choose from and has one of the best tutorials in a fighting game to date which can translate to most others.


Thanks for the replies, I guess I’ll give it a try on my Xbox one controller for a bit to see if I want to invest in a fight stick


The fighting game with the strongest community on PC is without a question SFV. There’s a lot of criticism around the game but imho it’s still good for a beginner and you can have fun for a good while. Also you can find it for very cheap.
The second one I would recommend is Xrd which everyone agrees it’s a good fighting game. Beware though that it’s more expensive and despite the great tutorials there’s a much bigger skill gap between players because of the much smaller player base made almost entirely of people who have played it for a very long time. However they also tend to give you much more advices to improve your gameplay.


Thanks for the post, it seems those are my main two choices on PC. I know Xbox has KI but looks like all the other big games are on ps4