Thinking about getting a new monitor

My current monitor is like 10 years old, and is darker than it should be (brightness adjustment doesn’t work any more), so with the tax relief checks coming soon, and me slated to get 600 bucks, I’m thinking of stepping up. I want a 22" (something under or around 300 bucks…INSTORE. I don’t want to get anything that I can’t just drive someplace less than a half-hour away and return/exchange if something’s wrong) flatscreen lcd monitor that has component/s-video input in addition to vga input (for pc, of course), so i can connect my satellite tv reciever and ps2 to. Any ideas on reliable brands/models?

I have had bad luck with the WestingHouse brand, so I suggest you stay away from those.

The best thing I ever did was upgrade my TV to a 37inch Samsung LCD. While the resolution is a bit small compared to my 19ich LCD (1360x768 compared to 1400x900) The size makes up for it and the clarity is great. (8pt fonts are readable from the couch). Watching downloaded Anime/movies, playing MAME or PC games, etc is fantastic. And with PIP I can watch TV while browsing the web. It does cost more, but it’s usefulness makes it more than worth it.

I got an Envision 22inch for 220 from Best Buy last year. It works great for the X360 but when it comes to playing the dreamcast it’s the image is a bit stretches because the monitor upscales it.

I got a 22" LG from Fry’s. It was also available at Best Buy too. Cost me around $250 total I believe.

You will never ever find a better monitor than Samsung Syncmaster 257TPlus which is second to none and has everything you want with an incredible performance that transcends your expectations, second to it only come Viewsonic VX2835 which is beautiful also with good features and a great performance.

You can check also Samsung 2693HM.

Good luck!

I too would recommend Samsung LCDs. I have a Syncmaster 225BW which has incredible image quality, especially when taking the cost into account.

Intreresting…thanks for the picks!

Samsung all the way. They make the LCD element that is part of the Apple Cinema Display as well as the Dell LCDs…in fact, those 2 monitors are virtually identical aside from how they look on the outside. Samsung simply makes amazing LCD displays.

I’m an old schooler though and I can’t live without my trusty Sony Trinitron CRT displays. I have one for my main and another tipped on its side for playing shmups.