Thinking about getting a saturn pad for the ps2

i pretty much only play fighting games so I figure this should be a good choice. From what i’m hearing, its supposed to be the best pad for fighters but it looks so different to the pads i’m usually accustomed too. My all time favourites were the snes and ps1 pad (the one without the analog) For some reason the d-pad felt a hell of alot more responsive compared to the ps2 pad.

so is the saturn ps2 pad worth getting? how would you compare it to other pads?

Good luck on finding any new ones. The best chance you have is ebay for a used one. And get the Darkstalkers one, it’s pretty.

i can get one brand new for $40, i just want to know if its worth getting.

i would like to know why the saturn pad is considered great… ive never played on one

Nice d-pad, 6 button layout, I think comfy. And this question should’ve gone to hardware discussion.

Probably the best pad for fighting games and I too think this thread should be moved

Is this from a store, that has more than one? If so, I’d like to know where so that I can get one.

i’ll find out if they have more left, its a uk store so i’m converting the price into usd’s.


And if you can get another one get it for me…

It has changed my life totally.

I have used the shitty ass SF Akuma pad for a good 3-4 years of my life…and The Saturn pad is the best pad I have ever used for competitive play.

My execution is perfect, in even games that arguably have shitty controls my execution is still perfect.
There are things I can do on that pad that some cant do on their sticks…

That pad has changed my life…there is no question, it is the best fighting game pad ever made…

When the same 2D fighting game came out on both Saturn and PS1, they always had the same scores review-wise, except for the Saturn version always had a better score for controls. (hard to say for 3D fighters since there weren’t many that came out on both)

The Saturn controller (the non-analog one I mean) is the overall best all-time controller for fighting games. Why? I don’t know. You just have to experience it to know.

But if you are used to PS pads, yes… it might be tough.

I grew up playing SF on Genesis (6-button) and Saturn pads. I had a lot of trouble adjusting to PS. Now, nearly 10 years later, I’m all about the PS controller and I have trouble going back to Saturn.* I can’t imagine how tough it will be for someone who never played on Saturn pads before.

*But my skills on PS controller now are not as great as what I used to be doing with a Saturn pad years ago.

I haven’t heard of this Saturn PS2 pad. Any links with info/pics?

Getting info on it is hard…If I had to get rid of my game systems in exchange for keeping my Saturn pad now would definately keep the pad. I got lucky someone was trying to sell it…and now its the best thing I’ve ever played on…

are you sure youfound a new one? and if so yea post up… Cuz any store ive ever seen thats had one after my brothers orderd it hes recived a email saying they never even had anymore in the first place.

… =/

And they dont like make them anymore ethier so not like they can order more. shrug



Seriously. There is no other pad to play fighting games with. Anyway yeah, where is this place? Are you sure they have them in stock? Geese and myself looked really hard for these. I got one from play-asia soon after they were released and have been using it for two years now (white one with colored buttons), it’s wonderful. DG tried it and had to get one.

I still have my Saturn pads (as in, the ORIGINAL Saturn pad, not the PS2 Saturn ones)…would I be better off just buying a Saturn-to-PS2 converter than trying to find a Saturn PS2 pad?

Yes where so I can start making the check out to get the remaining ten purify doesnt get lol.

Those Saturn to PS2 converters are hard as hell to find though Shiki.

so…I guess this guy was either making stuff up or imagining things?

Hahahah yeah I been waiting lol.

Yea my friend has 2 old Saturn pads he never uses. Should I buy a converter or what is the best possible way to convert the Saturn Pads to the PS2 system?

Now that is HARD…because Saturn pads are not too hard to find… but PS2 ones ARE…and even the converters are hard 2 find.

its not my cup of tea

stick or nothing ^____^*