Thinking about getting a Saulabi Online for PC

Does anyone with any experience with the Saulabi know if it’s worth getting? I don’t have any intention on doing any modding or anything, I’m mainly looking for a decent stick out of the box that I can use with my PC for Mame. I’m currently using a Neo-Stick 2, but I need something with a better button layout for Street Fighter.

Well, Saulabi’s used to be top notch in my book. The older micro-switched models for the PC/PS2 were great sticks. Since then Saulabi has moved to leaf-switched joysticks, which while silent and supply unrestricted 360 degree movement, tend to wear down a bit faster (requiring you to open it up and service it every so often, but it’s not as bad as it sounds). The buttons have also changed (and are a bit cheaper in my opinon). You can read a better comparison in my post here:

Now as for the Online vs the PS3 version, the online will work with any PC game, but requires software to be installed, which handles the keyboard to button mapping for the joystick. This means to need to setup config’s for it, which can be tough since the program is in Korean, and doesn’t display well on English PCs. However I did create a hacked version of the app with the best translation I could do, which is also available in the above thread.

The PS3 version is plug and play (USB) no drivers required for the PC, and works like any normal joystick. So any game that supplies support for the joysticks, you’ll be able to use this stick with. Plus it works with your PS3, if you have one.

Now I still love me older Saulabi, and use it regularly, much more than the newer versions. But if I had to be honest, I’d say buy an HRAP3 instead, mod it with some Sanwa buttons and an octagonal restrictor for the joystick, and you’ll probably be happier. HRAP3 works great on the PC. As with any USB type stick there is little to no lag, and once again it’ll work with your PS3 if you have one.

Hope that helps…

P.S. I much prefer the Saulabi button layout to that of the HRAP3, just a person preference, but it might be a selling factor for you as well.

If I get any of the older PS2/PS1 versions, any use em with a ps3 converter will they work well? I’ve heard stories of the Saulabi being really shitty and not working well with converters and having lots of problems. One that I hear alot is that they replace the stick with a crown or myoungshin fanta, and the stick stops working with converters.

Saulabi’s don’t work with converters at all. I’ve had an SPS-1000 and 3000 and neither worked with PS to USB adapters. It didn’t matter if it was stock or a different stick.

They come stock with Myoungshin Fantas, but depending on the model it might be a leaf-switch style one or microswitch. Even if you get the microswitch one it is still pretty hit or miss.

Personally I put a Taeyoung Fanta and Crown snap-in buttons. The stock Saulabi buttons feel like stock HRAP buttons in my opinion, good but not great.

Damn, it looks like I’m gonna have to get a blank case and do everything myself.

To be honest if you have the capabilities to do so I would probably do that instead. I spent more on my Saulabi than I had to because I didn’t want the “For Powerful Game” thing on it and then had to get parts from laugh. I probably spent around $150 total for everything :sad: I even took out the metal bar they put in for weight and glued fishing weights inside to make room for a better PCB.

Thats actually how much I estimated would cost to make a custom korean stick. With the Saulabi, I was planning on just modding the stick and buttons. Nothing else.

Well if you get a stick and buttons from laugh you’d be looking at about $50-60 because the shipping from Korea is pretty expensive. I don’t know where else you could get the stuff form unless you have it already.

Yeah, but I would have saved atleast 20-30. Damn. I’m gonna have to reconsider this stick.

Are you speaking strictly for use on the PS3? Because I’ve used several different PS to USB convertors on the PC and all have worked beautifully, both with the old and new sticks.

No, I’m talking about with XP. Actually now that I think about it some parts worked, ie. buttons only, or stick only. I’ve had a couple different ones with a couple different adapters and never got it to work perfectly. I have a PSOne Dualshock in it now anyway so it doesn’t matter.

sps-1000 saulabi works on pc very well

hey i found how to make it work very well on the pc
first u put the converter in the pc
then u put it in the second entry u put a ps2 control
u check it if it works
then u put the saulabi and then it will works perfectly im play street fighter tird strike right now
i have the converter
of konig gaming
ps2/psx converter to pc usb