Thinking about getting a wireless keyboard and mouse

are these worth getting?

the problem is i’ve got about 8 different wires (all tangled up) coming out of the back of my pc.

Love my wireless keyboard… Hate my wireless mouse… Depends on what you do though, I work in photoshop a lot and just a little skip or non responce really buggs… If your just web browsing then yeah it might get annoying once and awhile but it’s no biggie. (could just be the mouse I have though, dunno what other people’s experiences are with wireless mouses)

Most just have a USB plug-ins that look like a flash drive nowadays… so it’s not like there will be more wires…

but the wireless keyboard is ok though? no skipping… etc

you can expect less multiple inputs for wireless keyboards.

Don’t expect to go more than 3 keyboard input presses

my mouse also has a tiny bit of lag. Either that or im just not clicking fast enough or Elite Beat Agents on a emulator doesn’t emulater the mouse press fast enough.

They’re nice if you want to watch a movie though and you can sit back far

thanks guys, i guess i’ll be sticking with the cord.

one thing you could also do is buy a keyboard with a usb hub on the top… they are usually good enough to power a mouse. this way you dont have it plugged into the back…

as far as wireless keyboards go, ive got a bluetooth wireless keyboard for my small emulator/media pc and it works just fine.

wireless overall will be less reliable though, as you have interference to deal with, and with certain kinds of wireless sometimes line of sight can affect it.