Thinking about getting the Hori Fighting Stick 3

some idiot has it for sale on amazon for $919.99. LOL. there’s another one for $150. You think its worth it or should i wait for the TE? which is god knows when it’ll be out. the pad is very annoying and intentionally breaking one of my controllers from frustration. dont know if i want to wait for the next TE to come out. advise anyone?

Wait for the TE stick and if you can’t get your hands on one of them get the SE stick and mod it with sanwa or seimitsu parts. THE HFS3 is only good if you mod it but it takes more to mod the HFS3 cause you have to solder, drill holes, and cut plastic. The SE is all snap-in and Quick-Disconnects. But if you can get a HFS3 for $50 or less snatch it and it will be a nice little project, (That’s what I did.).

yeah the hfs3 is not worth much more than $50 i just got one on for $35, granted it is the Wii version so there is going to be heavier modding but it’s still really cheap.

It sure as hell ain’t worth 150 clams. 50-60, I’d say, and that’s assuming you want a nice project stick. I’ve read that those who have modded theirs swear by it now. Check eBay every now and again, I see them go for around $60 average.

Wait it out or go the modification way.
Hori Fighting Stick 3 should be less than $70.