Thinking about moving to Cali


Alright, so as some of y’all know I’m a rapper in Boston. And I’ve been talking to people about it for the past few days. But I’m trying to get as many opinions as possible before I make the leap.

Now this is mainly for me to pursue better opportunities for myself. I’m starting to get a little reputation locally, but when I think about my ceiling here I’m starting to feel like a shark in a fishbowl. I’m about to be 25, and I don’t really wanna waste my prime years still toiling away at obscurity…especially since a lot of the promoters/venues here are crooked. I know that there’s crooked places everywhere, but I just feel like Cali would be a better place for me.

I have a friend in Cali who lives like 3 hours outside of LA who’d be willing to be my roommate. But it’s just the prospect of hitting the reset button that’s kind of intimidating. Moving away from friends and family, starting over as far as a (in-person) fanbase. But at the same time, it would be nice to move away from the hood and all the fuckery that goes on here. And I really wanna make something happen with myself.

Any advice?


  1. Visit
  2. Check the job oppurtunities
  3. Do a weighted excel sheet to compare what would be better for you. As well as where. Having a friend in Cali IMO isn’t good enough motive…neither is your music career in this day and age. NYC is still the biggest deadpool for rap. If anything you’d fit in better down south. Cost of living down south is better also.
  4. Getting uncomfortable is the only way to grow sometimes, but throwing yourself out the window aint the end all be all.

Real talk, put together a list of spots that you’d think of moving to for various reasons. Then right down all those reasons. Attach a percetange of 100 to each reason. Grade each location on those items. Multiply each one out and add up to see what place has the highest percentage for you. then erase it and do it two more times. You might get a couple places that flip-flop, but usually the top spot is a lock.

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I hate it here in Cali. The only good things about Cali is CVS2 scene (which I don’t have time for), weather, and the fact you have mountains next to an ocean for a nice view. I’m ready to take my ass back to Atlanta where things are affordable. But maybe Cali just isn’t right for me so take the previous guys advice.

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if you’re not joking then Id suggest sitting down and weighing your options before moving out here.
Cost of living is stupidly high
jobs do not come easy, not even minimum wage
taxes on absolutely everything
gas is currently around 4 bucks,
also everyone is a rapper out here… seriously everyone.


Naw, I’m not worried about finances really. My boy would let me stay at his place, and I have a decent amount of rap money saved up. Not to mention that he’s manager at his store, so he’d hire me.

Also, gas is just under 4 bucks here in Mass, too. So it wouldn’t be much of a difference. It’s also dumb expensive up here, too.

Just I need to go somewhere to really get noticed, I’m not really trying to do the local thing anymore…



Leaving New England? You’ll be back. They (virtually) all come back.


I knew a few people that tried to move to California and lasted maybe a year before having to move back where they were from. If you have to come to this website asking for advice, it seems like you are having these “pipe dreams” and unless your rap career isn’t already setting you up to go to places, then you really need to consider what the above has mentioned. I’m not trying to be an asshole, but having experience living in different states, it’s difficult to go from what you have and try to wing it somewhere else with out concrete plan of action.


How easy would it be for you to move back Boston if this whole thing falls through? How long are you planning to stay in California? Is it going to become a sinkhole where you end up working a dead end job to make ends meet instead of following your dreams? Do you have some type of connection already? Think about your competition.


“givin’ ya sumthin’ 4 tha mood”


3 hours outside of LA is not LA…you should either movie here or not, don’t get stuck in some inbetween place.

And just realize you’ll be going from a shark in a fishbowl to a guppie in the ocean.

…But don’t let people talk you out of it because it’s a risk - the risk is what you want. You aren’t supposed to have it all lined up before hand, the biggest step is just taking the plunge.


I keep it 100 with you, because I know your serious and I want you to suceed.

Based on that, I wouldn’t do it.

That setup works as a temporary stop-gap measure, but its not a real plan. I know what your going thru, I’m from MD and had similar inclings when I was about 21-22…though I was going to move to GA. The South was blowing up. ATL had a better music scene than anything my neck of the woods. I stayed in school and never moved to ATL. glad I didn’t as I don’t think it would have worked out as I hoped (especially after talking to more and more musicians down there).

If you’re going to move for music, then you need a STRONG long term plan or you’ll find yourself struggling to maintain yourself and eventually thinking about moving back. Real talk, IMO its too late for you to move to LA and try ot get it poppin. IMO (strictly IMO), your best bet is to stay where you are or move to NYC. You HAVE to build up a RELIABLE (I know I know) team, and make power moves together. In this internet day and age, location don’t really mean shit, but being able to grow your branding is EVERYTHINg. Half the ninjas in the rap game are garbage ass weed carriiers. Jim Jones didn’t even RAP back in the day. But Dipset had the numbers to do some damage and get somewhere. You need to go out there, find a legit manager (prolly from NYC), and draft a team of people, they don’t even have to be local…my boy does the mastering for Jon Conner, he thought about even moving to Flint, but he realized he can stil lbe part of the team…while living in ORL. Those things are more important than location now, the only benefit to NYC is the sheer volume of venues can create additional oppurtunities for exposure, which can lead to meeting more and more people to network. LA is #2. NYC is still #1 in terms of music (predominately rap). And its not a weeks drive to getback to Boston.

But don’t move until you got a plan that allows you to not only put food in your mouth indefinitely, but also wo’t stress you to to he point of losing creativity and ultimately hurting your own craft.

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careful where you rock your celtics gear


If LA is for you, it will work. If it isn’t, it will break you and take everything. Also keep in mind there are about a billion people with the same mentality, goals and approach.

Northern Cali is the same somewhat but not as extreme with the highs and lows.


I moved to San Francisco in the beginning of May coming from New York. I’m moving back on Saturday. My thoughts.

1.) People here are soft. The reason I’m moving back is because I got into a tussle with some guy at a bar in Nob Hill. Instead of just punching me in the face (what I’m used to) he just said I should calm down. I went to go piss and knocked a chair down along the way. Security came into the bathroom and instead of tossing me, the guy just asked if I was okay. I couldn’t take it from that point forward. I bought a ticket and told this state to fuck itself.

2.) I wanted to live here for years. Nasir and JaHa painted California like an awesome place to be. Coming from the east coast mentality, I feel like a bully in a class full of softies. Not that I’m going to reign over them, but I feel like an asshole for whatever I do. I’m naturally loud and here they think I’m trying to assert dominance over them when in fact I’m just holding a conversation. It’s way more laid back than I can take.

3.) You WILL need to drive. It just can’t be avoided. Fuck that. I don’t drive except a motorcycle. I hate cars.

4.) They regulate EVERYTHING here. There’s a city in California that’s going to fucking outlaw wearing fur. What the hell? Your wardrobe is now regulated in California. That’s just one thing. Many other laws that won’t make sense to the rest of the 49 states are being implemented here in California. If you love your freedom, this is NOT the state you want to come to. Don’t even pee outside, or if you’re caught you will be labeled a sex offender. This was a cover story in the NY Times a few months ago.

5.) Depending on what you do as a professional job will control where you move. Just be aware of the job market.

6.) Weather here fluctuates except for L.A.

7.) Politics here is stupid. I mean very stupid. I don’t understand how this state is still surviving.

That said, I did have fun:

1.) Players out here? Stupid nice. I met WindZero, Private Eyeball, the FDM crew, Lord Raptor, Honzo Gonzo, Haunts, and Heroic. That’s just to name a few. They couldn’t have been nicer. I wish I could have met more. Okinage, Chrisis, etc,et. al, were all just very welcoming people and that’s different than many places on the east coast. Well, New York anyway.

2.) If you like beer, this is the best state. When you ask for a Bud Light, most bars won’t even carry it. I’ve had some solid beers here without having to travel to a different state and that is much obliged.

3.) People here aren’t as hostile, I guess. I’m used to hostility so it doesn’t bother me, but for anyone else from anywhere else in the country it can be a huge road block.

So I guess enjoy it. I did for a while, but then I realized I wasn’t happy here anymore.


Oh, and as far as finances go. You’ll be amazed how fast that drains. I’ve spent nearly 10 grand in four months here without steady income. I absorbed it fine because I had (keyword here) a good financial cushion to move out here and try to find work. Do not underestimate how much money you’ll need to move across the country.


Its still cheaper than NYC


Living Costs.
Gas. (Most of your transportation will be done via freeway)
Laws (Especially the bills passing now)
If you do happen to have a hobby of shooting/hunting then this is not the state for you…

Other than that, weather is pretty retarded in Cali, we have easy access to beaches, in in out…, lot of Mexican Food :].

I believe someone above said a story about a bar and how people are not hostile?? There are a lot of assholes in California, what you smoking or better yet, what kind of bar did you go to???

Think about it. You can move to Cali

But despite all the negative crap this state has, I still enjoy how my life is in this state.


If people here are tough, believe me I’m used to tougher. I’m not even a big guy, but I don’t really scare easy.


lol if everyone on the EC is a dick then I’m glad I was born here. im lookin to get drunk at the bar, not get in a fight


I didn’t start it. He started the fight by saying something stupid to me and a friend. I just confronted him about it and he became sanctimonious.

Though there was that one dude who wasn’t doing shit in the Mission district and even told two guys he didn’t want trouble and they still shot him in the head when he left the bar. But I’m glad you don’t live on the east coast, too.