Thinking about replacing a team member?

Ghost Rider-Hawk Eye-Captain America
im wondering if i should replace captain america with Iron Fist or Nemesis

if you got any other ideal for the team please tell me

ghost is on point

hawk is assist and second fighter

captain america is anchor

Nemesis ghostrider haweye sounds fun

that looks like a team where doom missiles would be perfect on anchor. Really helps that overall keep away annoyingness and can be used to extend ghost rider combos too. Plus doom is a great anchor.

Between nemesis and iron fist, nemesis would probably work better as an anchor although hawkeye’s probably better for that anyways. If you want iron fist, I would put him atleast 2nd or on point so he can use hawkeye arrows to get in better. Iron fist really doesn’t need xfactor so not much point in having him on anchor.

Both Nemesis (launcer slam) and Iron Fist (rising fang) assists are useful but Nemesis is probably a little better as an assist character because ghost rider uses wall bounce in his combos.

As for whether you should replace cap, well I don’t feel like cap should be on anchor. If you keep cap, I would probably change the team order to cap,GR,hawk.

i havent looked at my thread in a while and my team changed alot in that time.

it is now /ghost rider on point/Nemesis on second/and doom anchor/

i have a slight thought of changing doom for other character like hawk eye but i love Nemesis for the power house he is

also thank you for the post