Thinking about tournaments

I’ve been playing fighting games for quite some time. The only time I’ve actually thought about going competitive was when I played Brawl last year. I think I’m ready to start going to tournies for traditional fighters. I have a few questions though.

Finding Tournies

I have looked at the tournament section of the boards but I really can’t seem to find any tournies. I’m looking into HDRemix tournies since I think that’s my best game. Any tips?


Right now I only own a Hori EX2 for 360 and I’m in wait for a Hori stick for Wii. Is this sufficient or will I be frowned upon?

**Etiquette **

Is there anything I should look out for?

Sorry if this is short and vague, I’m tired.

You should probably check hereas well…it’s another place where players from your area post casuals/local tournies. Don’ expect a lot of tournaments that focus on HDR.

Keep in mind there may be some torunaments that may pla on PS3 as well…so find a way to accomodate that.

Be clean (hygine-wise)…and be respectful.
Just have fun.

I don’t know where in Jersey you are, but there are a few upcoming tournaments w/ HDR.

– Danbury, CT, 3/14
– Morristown, NJ, 5/22-5/23
– Flushing, NY, 6/11-6/13

As long as you have a wired stick/pad that works with the system being used I don’t think anyone’s going to “frown upon” your choice of equipment.

Show up on time for the tournament and for your matches. Other than that … common sense, I think. Also, keep your expectations realistic going into your first tournament. Keep in mind that there are people who play HDR/SF4 who have been playing fighting games for 5-10 (or more!) years … don’t be upset if you go and lose 2 rounds in. Use it as a learning experience.

i think these are the two most important ones. you’d be surprised how bad BO doesnt mix well with other scents (ie, axe/ cologne). take a shower, dont mask the smell.

if for some reason your stick doesnt support the console of choice, most people are willing to let you use theirs so long as you dont slam it or bang it up.

Yeah, the only things you should really do is shower up, be cool and have fun. A lot of players in tournaments can be very friendly and help you out with whatever you need to set yourself up. And don’t let a lot of the trashtalk get to you either, they’re usually in good fun.

Just be friendly.

It’s REAL easy to make friends/acquaintances at tournaments just by being a cool guy.

And as for the stick, that’s totally fine, and people are usually really cool about letting other people use their sticks.

don’t let the haters get to yah

one thing that should always been mentioned is dont’ be one of those jackasses that plays casuals on a tournament station. people think just cause nobody is playing on a set up that that means they can hop on and play casuals. it confuses tournament organizers, the other tournament participates and slows everything down. don’t be that guy.


Yea borrowing sticks might be cool at casuals, or if your at a tournament with lots of people you know, but at a tournament, I’d never let someone I didn’t know use my stick. Casuals, yea, because if I didn’t like how he was treating my equipment, I’d just let him know while he was playing, and if he kept it up, just take my stick back. You can’t exactly do that during a tournament.

Basically, you don’t show up to a pick up game of basketball in dress shoes, do you?

But yea, just make sure you don’t smell like ass (this includes your breath), bring the correct equipment, and be ready to have fun. Get hype for good matches. Cheer, clap, get into the matches. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, and when you do, ask where people usually play at. Half the time it’s closer to home than you think, and you’ll have more real life competition to improve your game with.

One of my personal major gripes though, is when someone who has just started playing fighting games, and clearly isn’t that great of a player, starts talking like they really know what they are talking about. I can’t stand the guy who doesn’t even have the basics of competitive play down, and yet they can blabber off all of Ryu’s frame data. Frame data and shit like that doesn’t matter one bit when you went 0-2 in the actual tournament. Show you can actually play before you go around spouting off at the mouth like that.

Other than that though, I really love new players because new people in the scene is always a good thing. Doesn’t matter if you play by stick or pad or DDR Dancemat, as long as you are willing to learn and play


Somewhat related: What’s the youngest person you’ve met that’s ever been to a tournament?

Would you treat them differently due to age gap or not?

Good question. I’m wondering that myself since I’m seventeen.

The closest one is the second tourny. Only 2 hours away! Don’t know if my parents would like the aspect of sleeping over in a hotel though.

Good question. I’m wondering that myself since I’m seventeen.

I beat a 13 year old at a tournament a few months ago. No Mercy. Actually he almost beat me, I managed to come back because he spammed random SRKs like people online, but I clutched out the win. I also once had an 11 year old show up at a CvS2 tournament I hosted with his mother.

in my area (md/va) there is a young kid who is about 14 years old who has a pretty good competitive drive. He travels to tournaments, and plays in local gatherings and he is treated as an equal player just as everyone else does. That shouldn’t be an issue unless said person is an annoying brat, which thankfully this kid isn’t. He’s actually pretty cool for his age.