Thinking about trying other fighting games other than SSFIV:AE, but don't own a console

I recently got AE for the PC as my first fighting game. Needlessly to say I’m still struggling at the basics, especially linking. I want to try out a few different games but the problem is there do not seem to be very many up to date PC fighting games

I’ve been a PC gamer since my early teens. It would take a lot to separate me from my preferred platform, but there are no other options. Games I’m interested in are MvC3 (hopefully I can get a nice discount used since ultimate is around the corner), Blazblue, Skullgirls when it comes out. Are the games that are only PS360 going to be as difficult to grasp as street fighter? I’m looking for some variety as I think I will burnout if I grind too hard on AE.

Another question I’d like input from the fighting game community is what console to get? 360 is cheaper and more popular than PS3, but I dislike xbox a lot. I got a Hori RAP VX-SA because it was available and would work on PC without issues, but I would not mind dual modding it. Also I don’t have to pay for online with PS3. I don’t want to get a fanboy argument going, I just want to know if there is some reason I might regret getting either one down the line.

I love mvc3, but since umvc3 is coming out soon and the fact that evo is over, the community has really settled down on talking about ultimate, so I would just wait for that, so that you get a fresh start. Best of luck finding a game that you enjoy.

If you’re looking for console fighters to try out then I would recommend BlazBlue and MvC3 (if you don’t mind shelling out money again in a few months for Ultimate). To answer your question about other games being as difficult as SF4 to grasp, I mainly play BlazBlue and SSF4:AE and I would say BlazBlue is challenging in a different way. In SSF4:AE, many people starting out struggle with links (especially 1f links). In BlazBlue, those links aren’t really much of a problem as there is a 5 frame buffer, but combos are much longer and many times lead to the air which requires jump cancels among other things. The timing from one move to the next is what is challenging.

As for which console to get, both have their pros and cons. I own both but when it comes to gaming, I mainly use the Xbox 360 (since I’m already paying for Live why not). Both have a good community though for fighting games, but I find that the Xbox 360 has a bigger community than the PS3 (maybe because Live has been very successful since the original Xbox days). But that doesn’t mean that the PS3 is lacking in any way though. I don’t think you’ll have trouble with finding people to play with. I actually think the PS3 community for BlazBlue might be bigger. If you think you’re going to use the PS3’s BluRay feature then go for it.

Like you, I’m a PC gamer as well. I don’t like consoles except for fighting games, mainly because the technology is already 6 years old and outdated. Console graphics look horrible in my eyes, so I only use them for either for moves/netflix streaming/etc. or fighting games.

I own both a ps3 and an xbox 360 and these are the things i can tell you from experience:

Generally most fighting games are multiplatform (w/ a few exceptions) so there are no problems there. As far as the console prices themselves, they’re about the same unless you just want the cheaper 4gb variant. If you are planning on downloading DLC and arcade games, you’re going to want the $300 variant that comes with a larger 250gb. Though it might be fine if you plug in a usb flash drive, as the 360 now allows you to use up to 16gb to extend its storage, but I can’t say much about this option as I don’t really use it myself. After all that is taken into consideration it really is going to come down to the online experience. If you have friends that play on consoles, I would go with whatever console your friends play on, as I personally feel that playing online games is more enjoyable with friends. I’ve found that players on XBL are generally more competitive and have a higher skill level. I don’t know why this is but if I had to give an educated guess, I would say it has to do with the price of admission. Similar to entry fee pricing in fighting game tournaments. As the price goes up, the number of lower skilled entrants declines. The social features on XBL are also better than those on PSN. XBL has party chat and better voice quality, since everyone on ps3 uses a bunch of different types of mics while 360 mostly uses 2 different types of mics, official wired or wireless. The mic situation can be a big negative though, since almost everyone has a mic on XBL and you get a lot of annoying 13 yr olds yelling into their mics. This doesn’t really affect me since I’m always in party chat with friends. As far As pricing goes, PSN is, of course, free which is a big plus. XBL is officially $60, but most online retailers sell it for $50 and you can often find it for $40 online.

Even after taking everything into consideration, at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. No one system is better than the other, as they both have their fair share of pros and cons. I personally prefer my 360 over my ps3, but I know plenty of people that prefer the ps3 and that’s perfectly fine since it’s a great system.

edit: forgot to mention that ps3 has bluray which is also a big plus if that’s what you want