Thinking of Buying a Stick. I need some advice

Currently I’m looking at the TVC fightstick or a mayflash stick-cheap I know. My issue with the TVC stick is that I can only use it on Wii, so it would be useful for GG and TVC only really. The mayflash concerns me because it’s cheap- a bit too cheap, and chinese, so I’m worried about any errors that might come up in using it… On the other hand, there’s the te stick and hrap 2 for ps2, for which mayflash supplies converters. My question is… Which item or combination of items would provide me the highest quality, most versatile product for my money? Note that I play more than one fighter (3s, Tekken 5, Soulcal 2, ST/Hyper, Maahvel, kof98/99 TVC).

** Also note that I will be looking up prices n such while I’m waiting for an answer**

So what consoles are you trying to play on?

Your post is all over the place.

Yeah, I agree with Kelter. If you want the ultimate stick right off the shelf, go for a TE. Other than that, be a little more organized with your post.

if you plan on playing on Wii, PS2, PS3 and Xbox then go with an HRAP 2 or a Namco stick and get converters for each system. Or you can take an Xbox 360 SE or TE stick and then dual mod it with a MC Cthulhu PCB then be able to play on all systems. The former solution would be harder to find all the converters and even the stick for a cheap price. The latter solution would be easiest to find the stick and MC Cthulhu pcb but would require you to have soldering skills or know/find someone who does.

I mainly play my games on pc, wii, and ps2. So basically I need something that is usb and works with some kind of gcn converter.
The universal thing sounds cool… But, how long does it take the av. srk techie to mod a stick, and for what price?
Life would be easier if the wii had a usb port… -_-…

Get a PS2 stick and a bunch of converters. A Hori RAP2 or HRAP-2SA is the best way to go. Or have Arcade In A Box make you a custom stick with a PS2 (and optional PS3/360) PCB in it.

Why a PS2 stick primarily? You can play PS2 games (3S, AE, CvS2, older Tekken and VF games), you can play Wii games (TvC) with a PS2 to GC converter, you can play DC games (MvC2, ST) with a PS2 to DC converter, and you can play PS3 games (T6BR, SSFIV, MvC2) with a PS2 to PS3 converter. A PS2 stick basically covers almost every game you will find being played at EVO on a console (providing you have the right converters). A PS2/360 stick (with converters) covers even more.

My main stick is a PS2/360 modded VSHG and I keep a bunch of converters (PS3, DC) around with me as well.

TE or SE stick(swap out buttons and the JL-fake for the SE)… the madcatz sticks are so easy to mod… but from the sound of the post I that you want something that is “complete” out of the box, so I’d say go for the TE…

Also do not think that you will have perfect execution from day one… hell you wont even know how to jump properly starting off with a square gate because hitting the corners is quite difficult while you are still learning…

i know of a PS-to-GC convertor, but I believe there is some bad lag on it, for a fighting game… it was cheap as balls, $2.46, look under wii section.

There are actually good PS to GC converters, so no sense mucking about with a bad one.

If you need compatibility with a lot of consoles, go for a HRAP and converters. The converter thread in tech talk (check the sticky!) has listings of all the converters worth writing about.

why the hell do i see buncha ppl recommending TE sticks… when all i’ve been hearing are complaints about TE STICKS wire not working or the stick cant move down or the buttons wont work… is there something i’m missing here? trust me… i thought of buying a TE stick but after looking around i dont even know if i wanna after hearing so many complaints…:xeye:

im waiting for somebody to convince me not regret getting one right now cuz i really want a new stick myself :frowning:

There might have been incidents with some bad sticks here and there but as far as off the shelf stuff, TE or HRAP is the best you can get your hands on followed by Qanba.
If one choses to go the custom route, sky is the limit…that goes for money as well :stuck_out_tongue:

The TE is pretty much the best commercially available stick. Stock Sanwa stick and buttons, and incredibly easy to mod.
The HRAPs are pretty much as good, but less easy to mod.

you have to decide if thats important to you.

A Namco/PS2 stick with converters is probably your best option. Disregard the TE talk. You seem to be into some older games and you’d be set even with the new gen.

you guys gotta understand some ppl dont know how to mod or even fix sticks if for some reason the wire or buttons inside are stuck or some crap… i keep hearing ppl say… just mod it… replace new parts and all this crap but you gotta know that some ppl just dont know how. but if they try to open it to fix and break it, they’ll get blame for… not MADCATZ… that mean they gotta buy a new stick just cuz madcatz aint doing their job right in the first place.

when i first look at TE STICK… i say to myself DAMN look sick as hell and was gonna order one the next day until my friends told me about them. im still hoping somebody come along and do something about the sticks and not have any more complaints so i can order one already without being scare as hell that the stick gonna die on my ass after a week or so :frowning:


Qanba is at

You can buy them here in the US at

Great suggestions guys, a TE stick when he plays on PS2 too? Madcatz marketing sure is working well…

TE does not die after a week or so. Worse case, you loose a button after a month (on 360 TE) for which you can jsut ahve it replaced under warranty.

As for modding, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

To the OP.

Find a second hand HRAP 2 or Namco stick for the PS2 and get some converters. Either that, if you’ve got the cash to spare, you might want to have someone build you a custom.

Apologies, I was replying to TheWanderer, not to the OP.

Not really thinking of getting a square gate. I have a hard enough time with square guards on the analogue sticks on my pad.

A more important question would be, what kind of arcade stick are you used too? If you’re used to american parts, then it might be better to have a custom built with Happ/iL parts.