Thinking of getting into this game, help a beginner out?

Well I don’t have a copy of this game yet, but my feeling-of-blandness has gotten hold of me and the first thing that caught my head would be this game.

I don’t have much SF experience, but I do have competitive fighting game experience in the MvC series (been competitive since MvC1, but only took it very seriously in 2008 until now).

I’m kinda positive that there are 101-threads somewhere in this board, but I just don’t know where to start. This game looks like it needs a lot of learning, so I’m not sure how I should approach it… (if I notice correctly, there’s so much studying to do here in compared to MvC, but MvC needs a shitton more of reflexes)

So yeah, forgive me if the beginner threads are somewhere in plain sight (…because after 20 minutes of looking I still can’t find a beginner’s primer or something), but thanks anyway for those who’ll help.

P.S. I’m thinking of picking up Yun or Bison for my first characters, is it advisable or no?

P.S.2. My sig implies that I can use both inputs but I prefer pad. Is it OK to use the pad for this game or will there be major drawbacks to that?

All the beginner stuff is in the newbie Saikyo Dojo sub forum.


Heres a site that tells you the basics, system, game mechanics etc. You’ll need to know them if you’re going to be competitive.

Asking ‘which character should i use?’](‘’)is prohibited on the forums and theres no right or wrong answer to that; just use who interests you, again whats interesting to you is completely up to you(looks, play style, moveset)

Playing with pad is entirely possible but there are some techniques that are easier on stick such as Plinking. The pad vs stick is discussed to death already so search a thread if you want more insight.

The best advice: Just pick up the game, play it and see if you like it. Worry about those things after

I’m not saying don’t get into this game, but Street Fighter X Tekken comes out in a week and a half. I’m sure everyone’s gonna pile on that for a bit. You might be better of trying that out and then coming back to SF4 if/when the magic of the new game dies down.

I unfortunately don’t have a console to play SFxT with on its release date :<

Forget SFxT, that’s a whole 'nother scene, some people don’t care for the other series, or the gem system, and the big part of it is tagteam so ppl need partners, they’ll try it out because it’s a new game but there will still be people on ssf4 always (at least that’s what I think)

I really doubt people will always play 4, it’s not ST. A lot of people hate it and only play it for competition.

I don’t think he actually means always as in for years, I think he means in this current generation people will always play it at least until SF5 comes out. But yeah I agree with him, SCV, UMVC3 and now SFxT these games offer such a different experience that people will always play AE.

Also the fact that people hate this game and still play is beyond stupid even if it’s 4 competition

Watch this to get an idea of basic gameplay of SF4. Don’t just watch and assume you know it, practice it, apply each principle.

To identify problems in your execution, or how to do basic moves, look here.

Here’s a VERY good tutorial for beginner players on the fundamentals of fighting games, and how to play them properly. Although it’s using ST as an example, all the things learned here can easily be applied in other games, be it 2d or 3d.


Pick any character you want that you like to use. Yun takes some time to learn how to apply pressure properly, and in a safe manner, but he’s well worth putting time into. Be sure to learn his basic combos, including his genei-jin combos and setups to land these combos.

Bison is a great character to use. He has a great ground game, and offensive pressure, but at the cost of having a weak wake-up game with fairly predictable teleports. But he will force you to understand basic fundamentals of footsies, and how to use his specials to put pressure on your opponent.

Personally I would start with Ryu, but that’s because I think he’s a great character for learning how to apply the fundamentals. He has no great super strengths or over-glaring weaknesses in his design, and is perfect for teaching the basics.