Thinking of getting into this game


Hey everyone, I’m thinking of buying this game in Feburary (I don’t know when exactly) and I’d like to ask a few questions.

1.)Is this game worth getting into (i.e. is it one of those games that gets boring quickly)
2.)What can I expect to encounter coming from a background of GG, KOF, and SF mostly and what do you think I might have the most trouble with.
3.)How’s the online? Is it on par or better than games such as SF3OE, MvC1, P4A,etc?
4.)Is the PS3 community a good size for this game? Is it easy to find many matches against different people?

Thanks in advance.


PS3 is your best option atm. Online on there is great and there’s a weekly online tournament that goes down on PSN. Can’t really say whether you’ll find it boring or not, but… you shouldn’t have too much issue coming for games like GG, KOF, and SF.


I would normally have a big post responding to all your points thoroughly, but I need to go to bed, so in conclusion:

Get the trial. It’s free.See for yourself before buying.
Amazing online. Best I’ve ever used.
It can be rocky finding games, but there’s weekly tournaments organized on this forum and there’s a well used PSN matchmaking thread.

  1. YES. Even though it only has 8 characters, the game has evolved pretty nicely the past year. People are finding new tech all the time.

  2. You can expect: air dashing (GG), super jumping and dash jumping (KOF), 6 buttons and LP+LK throw/throw tech (SF). There aren’t that many 1-frame links. The chains are like Marvel (or for SF equivalent, Ibuki or Guy), the cast is pretty varied as no two characters play anything alike and once you find the style of play you want, you get to enjoy yourself a lot.

  3. The online is AMAZING. GGPO truly makes matches nearly lagless. Chains and tight links work as they should, and barely any dropped inputs (note, that these perks work if the ping isn’t something like 250). Oh, and it tells you the ping pre-match, where you can change the GGPO setting (if you are familiar with this you’ll know why this is amazing). Although technically it should be the same as 3SO/MvC1, I’ve heard many say that SG is better. P4A was OK, but the lag was worse than SG.

  4. The PS3 has the biggest community for reasons outside of Lab Zero Games’ control. It’s usually easy to find matches in the evenings, although there are more than a few European players that are on when US players are not, and I’ve played people in the UK with no lag. It’s pretty damn amazing. It’s not an OMG LOOK HOW LARGE OUR COMMUNITY IS, but the advantage is that the SG community in general is more welcoming and helps each other out more. As more people join, the feelings of awesome increase, and the community gets bigger and nicer lol


Thanks for the replies everyone! Hopefully I’ll be joining you guys on PSN soon. My ID is artboy_598 if you wanna add me.


Welcome and enjoy.


Hey Art welcome! Would you mind adding your details in the google doc playerlist in this thread?

You know so ppl can find you there aswell.


Tag team shenanigans and assists.

  1. Well, you’re asking the Skullgirls community whether or not they enjoy their game basically. So…you’re probably going to get a lot of biased answers. But regardless, yes, it is a solid game. However we have no way of scoping your interests. Try the demo and see for yourself.
  2. Mahvel qualities. Assists, air combos, ect.
  3. Online is great. One of the best netcodes in a fighter I’ve ever played. It’s on par with Blazblue.
    4.PS3 community is the primary one, pretty much, Lots more players than Xbox.


Sorry I was unclear. I was asking if it was solid meaning no broken stuff or balance issues despite the relatively small cast. Shoot, I had people on the Third Strike forums troll me when I asked questions about the game and made me question why they were even logging in to visit that part of the forum. Thanks for your reply


Anytime. Have you tried the game out yet?


Buy it.
That is all.


Yeah, I downloaded the demo. I was blown away at how beautiful the game was in HD (having only seen it on youtube before). Literally like playing a cartoon with no pixelation or anything. Seems like a fun game but I also feel like I’m gonna get blown up not being used to assists randomly flying out. I played All of the VS games and stuff at Laundromats and restaurants growing up but never good beyond “good enough to beat the computer”.


But you get used to it. Practice always makes perfect.


You’re right. I got partway decent at TvC before it kinda died out, so I’m not totally foreign on the concept, but this is way more frantic. Especially since the patch that apparently increased the game speed.


Sg netcode is probably the best netcode on a fighter ever… Its better than bb netcode, hdr netcode… And general ggpo netcode that ive played on pc. Its like playing offline in anything below 100 ping from what ive noticed… Not perfect but damn near.

If you like the art and graphics, you will like sg in my opinion… It Has no control issues to turn people off.
If you liked versus games in the arcade and you like skullgirls artstyle, i cant see you disliking this game.
The computer on this game is actually pretty fun to play against… They dont sit there and super/dp limbs on reaction, nor jump over fireballs on reaction all day… Though they do on nightmore mode break damn near evry throw that is possible inless the throw is unbreakable.

There is currently no broken shit… Doubles assist prepatch was as close as anything got to that and even then is was pretty easy to play around if you knew what you were doing. Post patch, now though it has npbeen even more nerfed to make it even more fair to play against.

And finally there are an abundant mix of charcters in this game that all play nothing alike and you can mix and match team sizes and use custom assists to really tailor any teM you come up with to your style.

Say you like throwing…well then pick bella and maybe 2 throw assists… It may or may not be strong… But you will be throwing the shit out of people no matter what.

Maybe you like lobbing projectiles at people… Pick peacock with a coupleof projectile assists.
Maybe you like to fly around and annoy people…pick painwheel with peacocks item drop just spam that assist.

Maybe you like rushdown… Pick filia with cerebellas cerecopter for super high/low mixups.

Maybe you like near unblockables… Pick filia with doubles slide or fortunes sweep or vals crouching medium kick assists…

Perhaps you like shitloads of invincible moves… Pick filia backed by doubles hornet bomber and parasouls napalm pillar…etc etc

The point being you can quite literally make a any team on this game to cater to your specific tastes as far as gamepleay is concerned…

So play skullgirls, its AWESOME!
(Unlike my typing skills, which are not)