Thinking of getting Jill, a few questions

I recently got UMVC3 I didn’t play the original game that much, mostly local matches against buddies. I knew Jill was a DLC char but I never got to try her. I went in an online match on PSN and went against a Jill player and I was blown away by how cool she looks and the combos she can pull off.

Plus he used like a Berserker charge type move, Beast mode I believe, and it was so hard to figure out was she was gonna do. I liked the character a lot and I’m thinking of getting her. So I wanted to ask, how difficult is she to learn? I got the basics of the game, and I’ve messed around with a few team comps, but after that match I really liked her moveset and gameplay.
Also, what types of assists are good for her? Assuming I’m making her point I was thinking of a projectile assist like Doom’s plasma or Hawkeye’s Triple arrow. Kinda hard to decide without trying her first so I figured I’ll ask the veterans.

Thanks for your time

She’s not hard to learn per say, since her combos aren’t that hard, it’s just getting used to her mobility and neutral game that’s a bit complex for some.

For her assists, you can use a beam assist, OTG if you feel like it, and/or a lockdown assist.

BTW: Mad Beast is the hardest Level 3 to control and use effectively in the whole game. Good luck

I just got her and she’s hella fun. I’m going to pair her with Firebrand and Hawkeye, I’ve been practicing a few combos. And yeah just tried her beast mode and its just nuts. The speed she moves is insane, but I can see her potential to be very good at mixups.

Is she better as a starting character or perhaps a secondary? She gains pretty good meter from combos so I was planning on using her on point.

She’s really good at point/Secondary. However, Firebrand and jill have really limited synergy as far as my knowledge, but Firebrand can benefit from hawkeye.

Although you have more combo potential with Hawkeye’s Upward shot (it allows jill to use Arrow kick—> Double knee Drop), she’s going to need to take advantage of his tripple arrow assist.

In my opinion, your team can go like this: Jill (Arrow Kick), Hawkeye (Tripple Arrow assist/ Upward arrow assist) , Firebrand (Swoop). If that doesn’t work, you can switch hawkeye and FB, but Level 3 Xfactor FB w/ his level 3 hyper combo is nuts.

Hell, scratch that, Mad Beast and Tripple Shot lets you create some sick mad beast combos. Good luck man!

Another stupid thing is that poison doesn’t seem to tick off during Raven spike, but the timer still does. So if you Poison OTG>DHC>Raven Spike, they aren’t taking poison damage but the poison timer is still ticking off.

I just got her and I think she’s kinda hard to use. Her combos that take a lot are kinda hard
for me and that mad Beast mode is just weird to control. Really like her still, though I find
her a little hard to use.

Once you get used to double tapping Down and S she’s cake. Gotta realize that all her specials and normals cancel into Feral crouch as well.

Yeah and using Somersault is very important I think as well but I’m no expert but I believe I’m pretty decent with the character. Getting used to double tapping S is key!

I believe you need a strong team around Jill I mean I just got zoned the hell out by some player using Wesker/Ironman and Doom rockets and that crap was nooo fun (My team btw is Deadpool,Jill,Sent)

I could be very wrong (Me being no expert Jill main) but Jill gets zoned out very easy. You have MGS but if blocked you don’t get much off it but if you hit on a grounded opponent you can possible kill if you don’t F up your combo and if you use the correct combo (doing this online is very tough!)

She’s one of the hardest in the game imo watch some “Clockwork” vids on Jill he’s very good! Good Luck man and most importantly Have Fun!

Honestly, Clockwork’s Jill never got anywhere. She was pretty free on his team.

Jill needs to stay in dat ass, meaning she should NEVER be getting zoned out so for that you need a lockdown assist.

IF you going to use MGS, depending on your opponent, always use your lockdown assist at the SAME time making MGS safe.

Jill’s happy birthday game is amazing, somersault lets me get happy birthdays in most matches.

Yeah I see your point with Jill needing to stay in there but man is that hard! lol. What assist do you suggest Rice? I’ve been fooling around big time and really I can’t decide on a team for Jill. I’d switch my other two characters loads but can’t decide on who to pin with her. Is Doom’s Rocket assist good for lockdown with her?

You see what also annoys the hell out of me in this game is players that super jump spam crap I have the hardest time getting around that. Please tell me what two characters would be useful for handling that mess as well as helping Jill do what she needs to do and Thanks in advance!

Super jumpers aren’t so bad. Your going to be moving with 22S and feral dashes, so by the time they come from the Superjump, you should be mixing them up on there way down with a Teleport dash UP FWD, or somersault cancel shenanigans.

Doom’s rocket’s are REALLY good, and they even allow her to combo after her Raven Spike, but I always hated how vulnerable Doom was during it. However, it depends on Your Jill, is your jill more combo oriented or more mixup oriented? If it’s more combo oriented/execution heavy missles is cool, but if it’s more mixup oriented Rocks is your best bet. Rocks allows jill to move in, set up some neat near unblockable setups, and opens alot of REALLY good reset possibilities.

Strider and Jill is hilarious. It allows you to close the distance between you and zoners, lets you use a fallen Prey–>Reset. Although she can’t hitconfirm as easily off a strider assist as Wesker or doom, Vajira allows her to use Arrow Kick—> Double Knee Drop without an OTG’d assist. If your using Doom along with Strider and Jill, you can deal about 900k off any Jill Hitconfirm.

Sent’s Bombs Away Assist (IDK the name, it’s the one with the bombs) is overlooked as well. Since you like to use Sent, this may be a nice option for you. It sets up some ambigious stuff for mixups, and allows Jill to combo off her Raven Spike. However, It’s not going to benefit the second person on your team. Sent’s other assist Is REALLY good as well, but like his other assist, he’s going to be out for awhile.

Your team could look like:
Jill:Arrow Kick/Somersault
Doom: Molecular Shield/ Rockets
Strider: Vajira
Really solid team here, your going to be dealing Huge damage off any hitconfirm.

Jill: Somersault,/ Arrow Kick
Doom: Molecular Shield/Rockets
Sent: Bombs Away assist (IDK the name)/Bombs Charge

Really solid team here as well. You have the option of OTG with either Doom or sent here, without loosing the lockdown.

I’m more of the mix-up type for sure. My basic Jill combo without meter does around 400k with meter about 500-600k. idk how your getting 900k man but good stuff lol.

I do like the rockets more because I fill they handle super jumpers pretty well but I do need to learn to beat them without the need of an assist. Its just that players play soooo random in this game lol. While your trying to get in there doing the most random stuff and wouldn’t you know it it works! Which annoys the hell out of me.

I don’t like starting Jill off first because I also fill she gets raped against a whole team but again not a very good Jill player here haha so ima either run Sent(bombs away),Jill(Arrow Kick) and Doom(Rocks) or Doom first and Jill second.

Thanks for the reply and assist! Happy New Year SRK!

I really advise against running Sent first. Sent does not benefit from Jills assist, and sent’s just really, really mediocre on point. Jill’s best when she has two assists on the fly to back her up.

When your Jill “steps up” she’s not going to die easily at all. Also Double Knee Drop gives such a hard knockdown that you can hard tag out and combo with Doom. Her damage SKY Rockets when you get used to it.

I’m actually very interested in picking Jill up too.

Currently running a team of Jill Rocket and Chris, assist arrow kick, log trap and grenade toss.

I’m wondering what would would be a good solo combo for Jill since I’m playing her on point and how well my team synergy is? Log trap works well in lock down situations and can follow up with a j.m j.h although I’m not sure where to implant grenade toss with chris.

Kinda a noob player here <_<

Eh, team synergy is there, but it’s not that great. Jill’s going to have a hard time getting in honestly.

Switch Chris–> Gun Fire so you add some blockstun which allows you to F+H into updash and continue your combo
Switch Raccoon–> Spitfire or Claymore. Spitfire combos if both hits connect which allows you to set up some stuff, and claymore sets up really really nice reset options for jill. If you set it up during blockstun, they have no other option BUT to block, which allows you to go for Her command throws or continue comboing.

Log Trap isn’t good because It uses your ground bounce, something that Jill really needs and uses (Arrow Kick, Roundhouse). Grenade toss is OK for OTG’ing, but You don’t have to OTG and your better off getting a projectile assist from chris Anyway.

How new are you though? Depending on your response I’ll whip up a combo notation for you.

Recently I’ve been looking into all the characters (Except Wesker) to see who can work well with Ghost Rider and Trish. I was thinking about putting Jill back in my team like I had in vanilla (Jill/Iron Man/Trish).

Does anyone think there’s synergy in the team?
Ghost Rider- Heartless Spire Assist
Jill-Cartwheel Kick Assist
Trish-Low Voltage (Peekaboo) Assist.

I think in general it’s good to have a decent to awesome horizontal assist. I’m not an OTG user but spire should be good. That being the case, I’d go with Low Voltage for Trish.

The DHC synergy seems to be okay. Can you OTG with spire with Jill assist to extend Ghost’s combo? If so I think that team is pretty good then.

If Ghost Rider’s on Point and I’m calling the assist, I can OTG with Ghost Rider’s spire and call in Jill to continue with the combo.

also: is this a good team in general for Jill just to cover her if I do switch to Low Voltage assist for Trish to do some serious combo damage?

The problem I had with Ghost Rider’s Spire assist is that it OTG’s really wonky-like. Sometime’s Arrow kick will connect, other times It won’t.

Trish’s low voltage assist is really decent, but if your using Trish it’s the only assist that benefits Jill really ( You can use her Peakaboo for some awesome resets, but thats besides the point if you don’t have a horizontal Projectile assist).

You don’t NEED an OTG assist for jill to continue a combo, just experiment with all Ghost Rider’s assists to see what allows a follow up.

I also tried Jill’s Arrow kick assist and the only way it connects is if delay the assist calling.
delay like into around 2-4 Seconds, call in the Jill assist with Ghost Rider’s OTG and It’ll connect.
out of 15 times, it has connected 13 times. (Has actually just tried it on training mode.)