Thinking of going Seimitsu on my TE Stick, Newb Help Plz

Currently using stock with an octo gate on the TE stick. But now Im thinking of switching to the Seimitsu LS-56-01 and getting the octogon gate.

I dont know exactly what parts to buy except for the LS-56-01 and the octo gate. Can you point me to the right direction and tell me what exactly do I need.

Also, do I need to buy Seimitsu buttons or will the stock buttons work fine?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

te buttons are sanwa and are the same quality as semitsu its all about perference

You will need a flathead/screwdriver aswell, Seimitsu are a bit more rougher then sanwa’s but are still high quality and sanwa’s are sensitive from what ive heard.

Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate to replace the default VF Mounting Plate.
MS Mounting Plate is from Seimitsu LS-55(-01).

Installed top and bottom like how Sanwa JLF is mounted.
LS-32(-01) with Seimitsu SS Mounting Plate is mounted left and right.