Thinking of moving to America. Advice dogs?


S’up GD. Didn’t know if the lounge might be a better place to ask, please let me know if so and I will take the discussion there.

My wife and I are considering a move to San Francisco or LA in about 12 months time. We’ve only really been there on holiday but both really loved California so are considering making the move proper.

We’re both chartered accountants and I’m a chartered tax advisor as well so I would imagine getting a job doing much the same over there if that sort of job is available.

Has anyone ever had any experience of this sort of thing?
What’s the job market like in Cali at the moment?
Does anyone live in SF or LA? What’s it like to live there?

Here’s a bonus pic of my wife and me on my 30th birthday as a bonus for clicking this topic:


Cheers in advance GD, and may I say how handsome/pretty you are looking today.


Where do you come from, why do you want to do it, the US is shit, did you really decide that based on a single vacation, you don’t look like 30


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I’m from the UK, Cornwall to be exact. Not a singe holiday, we’ve been quite a bit but never really for any extended period of time, hence the fact finding. The idea is only really in its natal stages at the moment. I’m surprised you said I don’t look 30 but cheers.


Thanks. I work out.


If I were you brah, I’d secure a job over here first. Make sure everything is prepared for you when to come so there will be no hiccups during the move (passports, visas, know how to become a citizen, where you will live).


Yeah I have been thinking that that’s the way to go really. Several of the large accountancy firms have offices over here and over there so I am drafting covering letters at the moment to send to them to see if I/we can secure a job before we head over. Don’t really want to work for one of the really big firms but a job with them is better than no job at all.

I know the ecomomy’s in the shitter at the moment but presumably there’s still jobs about if you’ve got the right skill set and work ethic. I heard you guys get terrible holidays though, is that right? I currently get 5 weeks paid holiday from my job.


it might be a bit of a pain in the ass getting a work visa considering it’s not as if CPA’s are in short supply. either way, i wish you and your wife the best!


Advice dogs? We dont have those here. We have Hype dogs.


IT Job Market is good shrugs

Accounting doesn’t seem that bad either. Cali is the illest for tons of reasons. I would recommend if you like Socal you check into OC or Ventura County areas since you’re married. Quieter, less traffic, but still easy to get into LA, beaches, night life, good food and SF lol


Awesome info guys, cheers for the help.


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And yeah I was gonna say if you come here don’t get married under any circumstances, but a little too late for that :>


I would advise against it. Just dont do it.


Don’t move here, its not that great.


Visit Texas. See if you like it. Move. The job market is much better here. :tup:


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Isn’t it really hard to get the necessary paperwork to move and work/live in the USa from the UK?


Thx you for pix, can haz more of wife?